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Question :

What is meant by the term car culture? What are some of the symbolic functions performed by cars for the young people discussed byButcher and Thomas? What does Eric Bana’s Love the Beast suggest about the significance of the car?

Answer :

According to Melissa Butcher and Mandy Thomas (eds), Ingenious: Emerging Youth Cultures in Urban Australia discusses about the term ‘car culture’ as the ability to cruise the streets in cars. It defines masculinity of male and their culture. Since 1950s, motor cars for male youths with concentrated efforts have become an inspired competition for public spectators as they display power and socialization. Furthermore, it is an exposition of masculine sexuality.

The research of car culture uncovers that culture of youth that unites highest degree of diversity and community identity. The Australian youth who participate in this cruising have different backgrounds migrated from various places. This ingenious attempt captures liveliness and myriad of talents that are hidden in the youth culture of Australians. It is believed that the ability to create identities occur from the convergence of Australians and migrant cultures.

The author describes Ingenious is a determined project that helps in addressing issues which was not being tackled during recent years. Most of the work dealings with Australian youth do not consider the positive facets of a culture continuously refreshed by youthful behavior and insertion of ethnic attitudes.

The author mentions that ingenious suffers from various weaknesses. It does not locate its people from urban areas of Australia. Regardless of having a larger group of Australian youth culture, participants from urban Australia is not located.

On the whole, the context of ingenious offer a remarkable epitome of several methods of migrant youth who live in the surroundings of Sydney who produce their inspiring energies to create special identities generated through a cultural background.

This is the small research work by the author that helps to analyze today’s Australian youth culture. It uncovers the complexities involved with Australian youth culture that often become ethnic descent and strive hard for powerful competing influences of family and traditional culture and mainly of prevailing Australian youth cultures.

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