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How Chase Bank made it through in Great Recession? Write about Chase International Operations?


  1. J P Morgan chase bank is one of the largest bank in US and it’s provided both investment banking and financial services across the world. During the recession in 2009 most of the bank in US suffered many financial crisis but J P Morgan chase is the only financial institution that was able to create financial profit during that period. During that period two big investment bank collapsed. One is Bear Stearns and the other is Lehman Bros. Wachovia was the commercial bank this bank also suffered financial crisis and apart from that Washington mutual also suffered during the recession period. But during the recession the financial strength of the bank was good and it take over Bear for $1.5 billion along with WaMu for $1.9 billion. During that it also originated around $150.7 billion of mortgage loan in order to help the people. Apart from that it also offers near about 600000 mortgage modification in order to help the struggling homemakers so that they can stay in their homes. During the financial crisis this bank has generates its 20 consecutive quarterly profits to $1.5 billion which shows a 36% increase in profits from the previous year and its revenues are recorded at $27.7 billion (GOGOI and TODAY). The market stock price of this bank has also rose by 150%. During the financial crisis along with the chase bank more three banks has received $25 billion from the US treasure that falls under travel asset relief program. Out of the four chase bank is the only one who repay the amount taken from government.
  2. Chase bank has spread it operation all over the world. It has of $2.3 trillion of assets and this bank is operating in near about 60countries all over the world. This bank is specially known for investment banking and all kind of financial services. This bank has a branch in Philippi too and it began its operation in that country in the year 1961. After expansion of business it started investment banking, treasury and securities services, sales of equity and operation related to research and trading. In 2005 a global service centre has been inaugurated in manila which main motive is to provide support to the customers and at present this working location has been sift to Makati. Similarly in India too this bank has started its operation in the year 1930. Previously since 1955 this bank started making payments to the shareholders of ICICI ("J P Morgan Chase Bank India - Information On J P Morgan Chase Bank India - Profile Of J P Morgan Chase Bank India"). The main area of investment of this bank here is wholesale investment banking along with advisory services. This bank also plays and important role in future, option and delivery markets. In India too this bank provides number of financial services such as investment banking, equities, treasury services, portfolio management and cash and assets management services. As a leading investment bank in the world this bank has been given full access to the investors to take participate in various financial markets such as New York stock exchange, Hong Kong stock exchange and also UK stock exchange. Apart from that the bank has provided same kind of financial services to many other city.
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