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Plate Tectonics Assignment Help

Plate tectonics is a sub domain of geography that explains the motion of the surface of the earth. Basically, it is the theory which is based on the concept of continental drift. The lithosphere, which is the outermost shell of the Earth, is divided unevenly into land masses, known as tectonic plates. These plates are composed of the lithosphere, both at the continent and ocean, each topped by its own kind of crust. They vary in size and composition, depending on the composition of the earth’s crust. When two of such plates meet, collide or divulge from one another, it leads to tremors in the earth’s surface. Plate tectonics tend to bring some severe activities such as earthquakes, volcanoes, mountain buildings, the creation of oceanic trench, etc.

plate tectonics assignment help

Due to the involvement of a number of concepts and terminologies in plate tectonics, students are unable to execute its assignments and projects. But, no need to worry, as EssayCorp has a team of geography experts who executes and delivers the best plate tectonics assignment help to students in the US, UK, and Australia. Our group of experts cover each and every crucial term of the plate tectonics in the assignment so that it can help students in achieving good grades.

Problems Faced By Students in Plate Tectonics Assignment Help

Students pursuing the geology and geography course are often assigned with the assignments from several aspects of plate tectonics which creates a lot of difficulties for them. The topic of plate tectonics is not an easy task as it requires a professional approach as students are still in the learning phase and thus they are not proficient enough in acquiring a deeper understanding of the topic. Moreover, the theory of plate tectonics is provided in geology and geography; it may confuse the student’s mind as they don’t know which domain to look for the exact information. The topic of plate tectonics is vast and requires an extensive research of its concepts, thus it creates a difficulty for the students as they confined their research to the textbooks only. There are many other important topics in plate tectonics like ocean basins, earthquakes, volcanism, rift basins, and much more. Getting information on the topics is a really time-consuming task as they are also involved in some other courses too.

Types of Plate Tectonics Boundaries

There are three types of plate tectonics boundaries mentioned below:

  1. Divergent Boundary: A divergent boundary occurs when the two tectonics plates come apart. It is a kind of constructive boundary where the plates are moving away from each other and when this occurs, it leaves a gap and this gap can be filled with the help of magma and thus forms a new crust on the edges of the plates. For example, a mid-Atlantic Ridge, where the Eurasian plate comprises whole Europe separates from North American plate.
  2. Convergent Boundary: A convergent boundary occurs when two plates come or crash together. When these two plates rub against each other, it commonly causes volcanoes and earthquakes to form near convergent boundaries. At these boundaries, continental crust is created in a huge amount while the oceanic crust is destroyed. For more information on the convergent boundary, avail the best plate tectonics assignment help by our experts.
  3. Transform Plate Boundary: A transform plate boundary occurs when the two plates sliding past with each other. It is mainly found on the sea floor where the lithosphere is neither created nor destroyed. The sliding motion of the plates causes a lot of earthquakes and other disasters. In respect to the divergent and convergent boundary, there is no magma formed in the transform plate boundary.
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Types of Plate Tectonics
The three types of plate tectonics are as follows:
  1. Major Tectonic Plates: It can be defined as the plates that have a surface area of more than 20 million km. The seven largest major tectonic plates presently in the world are Eurasian plate, Antarctic plate, African plate, Pacific plate, South American plate, Indo-Australian plate, North American plate, Indian plate, and Australian plate.
  2. Minor Tectonics Plates: These tectonics plates are relatively smaller in size as compared to the major tectonic plates and comprises of an area less than 20 million km but more than 1 million km. Examples of minor plate tectonics are an Arabian plate, Cocos plate, Caroline plate, Burma plate, Somali plate, Nazca plate, Scotia plate, Philippine Sea plate, etc.
  3. Micro Tectonics Plates: These plates are quite smaller in size than the major and minor tectonic plates and acquire an area of less than 1 million km. Examples of micro tectonics plates are Explorer plate, Apulian plate, Philippine belt plate, Gorda plate, etc. Our need plate tectonics assignment help experts cover detailed information on the types of plate tectonics so that it will help students in achieving good grades.
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Terminologies in Plate Tectonics by our Plate Tectonics Assignment Help Experts
  1. Seismic Wave: It may be defined as the vibration generated by an explosion, earthquake or from some powerful energetic source within the earth’s surface. The wave travels only beneath the earth’s surface and is usually measured on a seismograph.
  2. Lithosphere: It is the solid outermost part of the earth’s surface which contains a hard portion of crust and the mantle. It is also one of the coolest layers of the earth that has the ability to conduct heat.
  3. Asthenosphere: It is the layer of the earth, which is beneath the lithosphere and is said to be quite hotter than any other layer. It plays a crucial role in the movement of the tectonic plates across the face of the earth’s surface.
  4. Convection Current: It is defined as the movement of fluid caused by the change in temperature that transfers heat from one part of the fluid to another. It usually occurs within the plate tectonics, ocean currents, and winds.
  5. Mantle: The part of the earth’s surface between the core and crust is called mantle. It is the hardest part of the earth’s interior that constitutes around 84% of the earth’s total surface.

Our plate tectonics assignment help experts cover a lot of topics such as pressure, crust, outer core, heat transfer, inner core, conduction, radiation, density, fossil, deep ocean trench, transform boundary, rift valley, fault, etc.

How can EssayCorp help with Plate Tectonics Assignment?

We provide a reliable assistance to the students who are overburdened by various assigned tasks. Our professionals believe in offering the best assignment services with their specialization in the relevant field. The delivered assignment is free from plagiarism and proofread by many writers that help you in achieving good grades.

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