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Gynaecology is one of the most popular medical fields related to the study of health of women. Gynaecology deals with the problems of women and their treatment, maintain their health and providing the checks on their reproductive system. It focuses on understanding and improving the health of women's reproductive system, which includes childbirth, pregnancy, problems with menstruation and sexual transmitted disease amongst other problems.

The study of gynaecology is vast and requires a lot of books and practicals to be read and learnt. Further, with multiple parts in the course come multiple assignments and completing these assignments with perfection before the deadline is a challenge for students. We come to you with gynaecological nursing assignment help that gives you the assurance of scoring the best with assignments that are plagiarism free, properly referenced and written by experts in gynaecology nursing field.

Topics covered by our gynaecological nursing assignment help experts

Gynaecology is an advanced division dedicated to cater the issues related to female health. Students have to deal with assignments that involve studying topics in detail. Here are some of the topics covered by our gynaecological nursing assignment help experts - infertility, premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea, contraception, PCOS hyperandrogenisms, assisted reproduction, endometriosis, transplantation in gynaecological surgery, fertility preservation, fibroids, surgical techniques in breast and gynaecological cancers, menopause and post reproductive health, minimally invasive surgery, pelvic floor disorders and urinary incontinence, hormonal therapy in breast and gynaecological cancers, vulval diseases, emergency in gynaecology, imaging in gynaecology, benign breast disease, target therapy in breast and gynaecological cancers, screening for gynaecological cancer, chemotherapy in breast and gynaecological cancers, integrative therapies in cancer patients, pre-eclampsia, induction of labour, nutrition in pregnancy and lactation, preterm labour, diabetes in pregnancy, non-invasive and invasive prenatal diagnosis, HELLP, TTP and HUS, hypertensive disorders in pregnancy, neurological diseases in pregnancy, autoimmune diseases in pregnancy, haemodinamic and cardiovascular diseases in pregnancy, post-partum haemorrhage, multiple pregnancies, fetal surgery, imaging in obstetrics, fetal monitoring, recurrent pregnancy loss, C-section, assisted vaginal delivery, nutrition in women health, lactation and imaging in obstetrics.

gynaecological nursing assignment help
Important terms and concepts covered in our gynaecological nursing assignment help
  1. BIRTH CONTROL - This is the hormonal and chronological play with a woman's reproductive system to stop her from conceiving. This has a few methods such as contraceptive pills, intrauterine contraceptive device, also known as an IUD. These methods are used for family planning to keep the number of members in a family limited.
  2. PREGNANCY - Everyone knows about this, but dealing with a pregnant woman is a big task. There are things that need to be taken care of, to keep the mother and the baby healthy all through the nine months, such as occasional tests to check the growth of the baby, providing the right medications and informing about the diet that are required for the baby to develop properly. Apart from that, delivering the baby is a part of this as well. More information on this would be found in our gynaecological nursing assignment help.
  3. FALLOPIAN TUBES - These are the tubes through which the egg reaches the uterus, they play a role of a home where the fertilized egg stays and grow.
  4. MENSTRUAL CYCLE - A recurring cycle that comes every month where the egg goes through the fallopian tubes to the uterus to get fertilized. If the fertilization process doesn't take place, the egg and the uterus wall breaks and falls causing the menstrual effect. During this period, a woman goes through physiological changes that affect her mood and emotions.
  5. HYSTERECTOMY - This is one of the most serious ways to eliminate the chance of pregnancy. Hysterectomy involves removing the uterus, the fallopian tubes, the ovaries and the cervix. Menstruation stops, age accelerates, early and unnatural menopause, problem with bladder function and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases are some of the problems that can be caused as the side effect of this procedure.
  6. ENDOMETRIAL CANCER - Endometrial cancer is the cancer in the uterus, a place on a woman's reproductive track where the fetus is developed. It occurs in the layer of cells that create the endometrial lining. This cancer can be early detected by its symptoms such as:
    • Pelvic pain
    • Heavy or irregular menstruation
    • Vaginal bleeding
  7. ABORTION - Once in a few pregnancies come a case where the mother requires an abortion. There may be many reasons for it such as:
    • Teen-age pregnancy - Teens who get pregnant may want to abort the baby.
    • Accidents - Sometimes the mother may be in an accident causing damage to the unborn baby, which may risk the life of the mother. This scenario requires an abortion to save the mother's life.
  8. OBSTETRICS - This is a part of medicine with extended information in our gynaecological nursing assignment help. Obstetrics deals with handling and caring for women during childbirth with the whole process, before birth, after birth and during as well. Obstetrics is grouped with gynaecology making both a single study.
  9. MENOPAUSE - There comes a point in a woman's life when she stops producing eggs after the age of fifty or sixty. A woman is born with a limited number of eggs in her ovaries and when these eggs get over, the ovaries stop producing eggs and other hormones.
Imaging Techniques In Gynaecology

Since the discovery of X-rays by Roentgen in 1895, there has been a wave in technology for imaging the human body. And the evolution of computer technology has enabled the rise of imaging using computed tomographic techniques and three dimensional imaging. Some of the imaging techniques in gynaecology are:

  • X-ray techniques - Images are produced by the attenuation of x-ray photons by the patients.
  • Ultrasound - Evolution of ultrasound technology has led to expansion of applications in all aspects of medicine.
  • Computed tomography - By measuring the attenuation of a finely collimated beam of radiation, passing through the patient at multiple angles, it has been possible to produce images of very high quality.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging - MRI depends upon the magnetic properties of atomic nuclei, which absorb and re-emits energy as a radio signal.
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