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    Cultural Geography

    Cultural Geography, also termed as Human Geography, focuses on the patterns of the human culture and the level of interaction between people. It studies government and economic structures of people along with other cultural aspects which explain the reason of differences between the people in different areas. Language, religion, art, music are some themes studied under cultural geography. With increasing globalization, the study of cultural geography has increased leaps and bounds, as things travel across the globe much easily these days.

    Areas of study in Cultural Geography

    • The nature and impact of globalization in people and their corresponding environment is one of the biggest interests of cultural geographers.
    • Studying westernisation, or such similar theories.
    • Theories of cultural hegemony via cultural imperialism.
    • Study of differences in the culture of two different areas.
    • Study of landscapes and ecology with par to culture.
    • Other topics of study include tourism, colonialism, internationalism etc.

    There are three branches of cultural geography, namely traditional cultural geography, new cultural geography and, representational cultural geography. Traditional cultural geographers live by the notion that both the culture and society developed out of the same land. Thus ‘cultural landscape’ is a result of the interaction between the ‘natural’ landscape and human communities.
    Cultural geography is a vital field of study because it links the culture to the environment of residence. These links are often considered vital because they either flourish or strangle the growth of culture around the specific place.

    Today, cultural geography is studied in a wide and vibrant way, and has been divided into more specialized fields such as feminist geography, children’s geography, urban geography, the geography of space and political geography.
    In a field of study as extensive as cultural geography, periodic practical assignments are assigned to the students for their better understanding and performance under the guidance provided. Along with that, keeping in track with the terms, concepts and recent developments become a herculean task for the students. The extra burden and stress of work assigned makes their life a nightmare.

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