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Chemistry is a difficult subject for the students who are pursuing their career in science. They always desire to obtain high grades, but fail to do so. Chemistry is the physical science that studies the structure, properties & composition of matter & is related to the atoms and molecules. Chemistry homework help becomes significant to provide the students as it is one of the most useful branches and plays an important role in the field of medicines and drugs. Most of the chemistry assignments focus on medicines and drugs. To have a better understanding of such an important subject & score good grades, finding a reliable chemistry assignments help should be your priority. EssayCorp provides professional chemistry assignment help to the students in USA, UK and Australia who are struggling with their chemistry assignments. EssayCorp caters in chemistry assignment help online as well.

History And Principles By Chemistry Assignment Help Online Experts

Let's talk about its history first, the word "chemistry" comes from the word alchemy. In Ancient times, "an alchemist was one who practiced the art of alchemy". Later on, the alchemist was called a chemist. Chemistry deals with atomic and subatomic interactions and the processes involved in the creation of compounds. Chemistry is taught as a sub domain of science at school level as well as the graduate level. Talking about the fundamentals of chemistry, it is the study of only matter and change, but still it has main categories like organic, inorganic, analytical, physical and biochemistry. However, several concentrations have begun to emerge which generally includes polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry, nuclear chemistry etc. EssayCorp brings to the students the best possible chemistry homework help.

Basic Principles
  • Atom - An atom is made up of dense core called the nucleus. It is made up of positively charged ions and uncharged ions, where positively charged ions are protons and uncharged ions are neutrons. An atom is surrounded by electrons (negatively charged).
  • Matter - Anything with mass and volume is considered as matter.
  • Mixture - The combination of two or more substances is called as a mixture. For example: Air.
  • Molecule - It is the smallest indivisible portion of the chemical substance, having an ability to undergo a chemical change.
chemistry assignment help
Get Chemistry Assignment Help Online In All The Sub-Domains

There are multiple branches of chemistry, but mainly it is divided into three primary areas i.e. Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. Let us discuss the three primary areas in detail by our chemistry assignment help Online experts.

  1. PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY - It is the sub-domains of chemistry that have many things in common with the physics. In physical chemistry, students need to deal with the atoms, concepts of energy, molecules, subatomic particles, chemical reactions and latent heat. Physical chemistry is sometimes mathematical, as students have to use a few formulas to deal with it. Other important areas that fall under Physical Chemistry are:
    • Surface Chemistry - It is the branch of chemistry that is concerned with the processes occurring at interfaces between phases especially between liquid and gas.
    • Thermodynamics - It is the branch of physical science that deals with the relations between heat and energy.
    • Equilibrium - Equilibrium is a state when the reactants and products are in an unchanging ratio.
    • Chemical Kinematics - It is the study of chemical reactions with respect to reaction rates, the formation of intermediates and re-arrangement of atoms.
  2. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY - This branch of chemistry deals with the formation of organic materials. Being the most useful and important branch of chemistry, its main focus is carbon atoms. Organic chemistry is the study of hydrocarbons (i.e. the compounds that are made up of hydrogen and carbon. Students are required to grasp the basic concepts related to the structures of organic compounds and the chemical formulas.
  3. INORGANIC CHEMISTRY - This branch of chemistry deals with the behavior and properties of inorganic compounds. It is the study of organometallics compounds and inorganic compounds. In inorganic chemistry, students need to deal with the inorganic chemical reactions, usage of organometallics compounds and extraction processes. Inorganic chemistry is applied to the chemical industry, coating and medicine, fuel, catalysts and material science.

No matter what your assignment topic is and how complex it is, our professionals provide help on all the chemistry assignment topics in the best possible way by delivering the chemistry assignment help online on time.

Basic Processes of Chemistry
  • Chemical Reaction - When a chemical substance interacts with another chemical substance and it transforms the substance, then a chemical reaction is said to have taken place.
  • Chemical Equilibrium - When the products and the reactants are present in concentrated form during a chemical reaction, that stage is known as the chemical equilibrium.
  • Chemical Bond - When atoms stick together in molecules and crystals they form a chemical bond. The two extreme cases of chemical bonds are : covalent bond and ionic bond.
  • Energy - The chemical structure changes during a chemical reaction because of the increase or decrease in energy.
  • Acid - Base Reaction - A reaction between an acid and a base is known as an acid-base reaction. Acid has the ability to transform blue litmus paper into red, whereas base has the ability to transform red litmus paper into blue.
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