Celebrate World Humanitarian Day 2018 by Helping Someone in Need

Celebrate the World Humanitarian Day 2018 by Helping Someone in Need

The World Humanitarian Day is celebrated around the world on 19th of August every year. This day is a notation and reminder for the mankind to value and respect those who helped others, and to appreciate the subsistence, prosperity and nobility of the people stirred by difficulties and crunches. This specific day intends to enhance the public cognizance about humanitarian helping actions and events worldwide. It also showcases the significance of international cooperation.

The day was labeled by the United Nations General Assembly to memorize the attack on the headquarters of UN in Baghdad on 19 August. This year’s World Humanitarian Day spots the fifteenth observation of the terrible and woeful attack in which 22 humanitarians lost their lives, comprising the representative of the United Nations Secretary General.

Purpose of Observing the World Humanitarian Day

World Humanitarian Day is a day to recall the courageous humanitarian activists whose frequent activity and task involve terrible risks to their own lives. The main purpose of this day is to encourage the people to put the efforts and lend a helping hand to others who are need. The valiant humanitarian workers who work selflessly by putting their lives in danger to protect the needs related to food, shelter, health etc. are also not safe as they get attacked by the vultures. The humanitarian workers are also a soft target of the terrorists who wants to gain international attention by creating conflicts and negative situations. This day is considered to be effective to strengthen the public support for the people related to the humanitarian work. The World Humanitarian Day is a great chance to appeal the leaders and authorities to safeguard the lives of these people and to take effective measures to cut down the dangerous conflicts around the world.

Celebrate and Honor This Day

It may look like that the problems and issues hovering up the world are never going to end but making an effort to diminish the conflicts is all we need to improve the situation. Anyone can be a humanitarian; there is no special skill to be one. Responding and helping the people to get out of difficulties and struggles such as any natural or man-made disaster, health issues etc. can lead to you on the track of being humanitarian. Support the communities to restructure their lives after hazardous impact and help them regain their routine life with ultimate peace. To make people motivated and raise their voice against any type of violence can remarkably soothe one’s life.


If we talk about the present situation almost 100 million people are in an urgent need to annex the humanitarian aid to get rid of their agonies. The little we all can do is to take a step and make people aware about the chief humanitarian problems occurring in this world. In today’s world it is not difficult to gather information from online sources. With exercising such online quest one can able to reach out the people in need. Armed conflicts, natural calamities, life threatening diseases are perfectly able to destroy the human lives very easily. This year break all the national and international limitations and celebrate the World Humanitarian Day with great spirit and zeal.

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