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World Hepatitis Day 2018 – Eliminate Hepatitis

The whole world is assertive to wipe out Hepatitis which is considered to be a public health peril. It is been poised to eradicate this threat completely by the year 2030. World Hepatitis Day is acclaimed on July 28 every year with an objective of expediting the alertness and cognizance among people. Each year unfolds a different theme with a goal to motivate and inspire people eliminating this hazard. This day is a great moment to accelerate the numerous efforts and actions implemented by the WHO (World Health Organization) for the health and betterment of mankind.

Backdrop of World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day is the world level recognition program hurled as a universal public health effort or we can say campaign by the World Health Organization with an aim to diminish and eradicate hepatitis. Formerly this day was commenced as International Hepatitis C awareness day in some regions of Europe and it was also celebrated on different dates in other regions as well. In 2008 the World Hepatitis Alliance averred 19th May as World Hepatitis Day and later it was altered to 28th of July. This day also marks the honor “Nobel Laureate Baruch Samuel Blumberg” on his birthday anniversary 28th of July because he probed and traced the hepatitis B virus.

Perceive the Meaning of Hepatitis

Hepatitis alludes to a disorder of the liver cells and flaw to the liver. It is a kind of liver inflammation and infection that arises due to virus. There have been five types of hepatitis named as A, B, C, D, and E which are caused by different viruses while A and E is relatively short term ailment. There are approx. 1.5 million people who lose their lives due to this threatening disease each year. According to reports more than 4.4 million American are suffering from this chronic illness. Water contamination leads to the rise of hepatitis A which infects human liver. Hepatitis C caused because of shared needles and steroids etc. Vaccines for hepatitis A and B are always available for the treatment.

Themes and Activities Related to this Day

Each year there is a different theme alleged to this day. This year the World Hepatitis Day is being celebrated worldwide with the theme of “Eliminate Hepatitis.” This day is celebrated with utmost cognizance and enthusiasm around the globe. The celebration mainly includes public areas, health organizations and clinical spheres etc. Various events and seminars take place on this day for the sake of increasing awareness among the people regarding the infections of hepatitis. The most appreciated and beneficial activities such as arrangement of free diagnosis, screenings, posters, vaccines, blood tests, clinical demonstrations, diet and cleanliness discussions etc. are also organized to help people in combating this infection.

Find the Missing Millions

It is the time to wake up and break down the hazardous impact of hepatitis on our health. However the efforts must be made from each and every individual to diminish the effects. This year the WHO is leading a campaign named “find the missing millions” to enhance global awareness as many people suffering from hepatitis are not even aware of their inflammation and infection. This campaign calls the people from all around the world to participate in the quest of exploring these millions of unaware and undiagnosed people who are tagged as “missing millions.” There are several edges that can help you dodge this risky infection such as:

  • Vaccination is the best way to prevent this threat. See your doctor and get a vaccine as simple as that there is no need to wait for something uncertain to happen.
  • Pay a lot of attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness. Hepatitis A gets you infected with the little untidy habits.
  • Be cautious while you are in close to a person who is already suffering from this infection.
  • Say a big NO to shared needles and other medical equipment.

The Final Notion

World Hepatitis Day is organized just once in a year but we can be heedful throughout the year to accelerate the awareness among people by various means. The World Hepatitis Day is an outstanding chance to level up the awareness among people.


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