Role Of Strategic Marketing And How It Welfares An Organisation

Role Of Strategic Marketing And How It Welfares An Organisation

What is Strategic Marketing?

Marketing is the foundation of business. Strategic marketing is a procedure that companies and organizations plan and implement in order to serve better facilities to customers as compared to its rivals and competitors with a motive of making profits. Strategic marketing is an approach of centering a company’s resources, assets and spirit in a direction that yields an increased sales and profit from a specific targeted market. One may wonder that what is the role of strategic marketing?, so the role of strategic marketing is;

  • To analyze the markets with which the organization will compete.
  • To determine and single out the key strengths of company’s service and product.
  • To authorize and enact effective area of distribution of goods and services.

Why do you need a marketing strategy?

Marketing Strategy transparently defines and demonstrates the ways in which an organization can predestine its aims and objectives.

  • Marketing Strategy caters and delivers the needed information to keep an eye on rival companies and competitors.
  • Marketing services helps in flourishing goods and services with leading profit making possibility.
  • Adopting a marketing strategy helps in making the fullest and optimum exertion and usage of company’s resources.

Key Elements of Marketing Strategy

There are few Key elements of marketing strategy listed below:

  • Targeting – Marketing strategy aspires to sell the goods and services to that slot of consumer that will hand over them the highest profits alongwith consumer satisfaction. It is a must for any organization and company to concentrate and work on this key element of marketing strategy in order to yield heavy return and profits.
  • Promotional Campaign – An organization must take a step forward to approach their products and services to the ultimate consumer. There are several forms to advertise products and services such as digital marketing, public relations etc.
  • Supervision and Assessment – Monitoring and evaluating the current marketing strategy unfolds the path of successful business, this is a significant element of marketing strategy.

Important of Marketing Strategic

Importance of Studying Marketing

Study of strategic marketing management prevails a chance for students to brush up , investigate and administer strategic marketing concepts with an aim and objective of establishing, preserving , nurturing and progressing of the organization’s competitive eminence. Acknowledged completion of this course enables a student to:

  • Develop and enhance the decision making ability between a group of people.
  • Indulge in strategic thinking with an involvement of outcomes, goals, application of techniques to acquire those goals.
  • To organize marketing theory and correspond effectively about marketing strategy with the usage of correct logics and concepts.

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