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Marketing has become an attractive arena for youngsters, especially after the increased connectivity of people and businesses in the 21st century. Marketing means promotion. Here, professionals are responsible for promoting the products and services of an organization. 

A marketing strategy is a well-developed and deliberated plan to increase the market outreach of an organization’s products and establish and maintain its relationship with all stakeholders, customers, shareholders, and governments.

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Marketing Strategy Course

Marketing Strategy is taught as a part of an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) course, although some institutions also offer the system separately. Furthermore, the academic period of Marketing Strategy covers various market-related topics, some of which are:

  • Applied Marketing Strategy and decision-making tools.

  • Introduction of new products: failures and successes.

  • Distribution strategy

  • Market research and analysis.

  • International marketing.

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Types of Marketing Strategies

  • Words of Mouth: It is the most traditional marketing method where the qualities and characteristics of a product are told to people by respected and trusted members of society. It relies completely on the trustworthiness of the person chosen to speak about the product.

  • Cause Marketing: Under cause marketing, the product is linked to a particular social cause. Generally, a for-profit company collaborates with a not-for-profit organization under this marketing strategy.

  • Diversity Marketing: This marketing strategy recognizes and gives importance to the diversity of a target population. It took care of different beliefs and customs, and norms that prevail in the people before launching any product.

  • Undercover Marketing: Also known as stealth marketing, undercover marketing is the method that is used to hide marketing strategies from targeted customers. Here, customers are unaware that the product is being marketed.

  • Relationship Marketing: This strategy is primarily concerned with trust building among the customers and the business so that customers remain connected with the company in the long run. It emphasizes full customer satisfaction and customer retention.

  • Internet Marketing: Another name for this strategy is cloud-based marketing. Nowadays, this method is the most prevailing marketing strategy, using new technologies and computer algorithms to enhance market outreach.

Besides that, marketing strategies could also be classified as:-

  • Short-term Marketing: Focuses on short-term goals, primarily 3-5 years.

  • Medium-term Marketing: It targets medium-term goals, which are mostly for a 5-10 year period.

  • Long-term Marketing: This type of strategy is centered around the long-term goals of an organization that may take more than 10 years to reach.

Importance of Marketing Strategy Assignments

The marketing assignments assigned to learners during their academics are used to analyze their in-depth understanding of the topic, their research and analytical skills, their way of understanding the diversifying needs of the market, and how capable they are of solving emerging problems.

A well-researched marketing assignment must have the following qualities:-

  • In-depth knowledge of the topic.

  • Relations with real-life market scenarios.

  • Current and evolving market needs and demands.

  • A budget-friendly strategy to cope with emerging needs.

  • Fundamentals of marketing strategy, the 4Ps- Product, Place, Price, and Promotion.

Problems Faced While Writing Marketing Assignments

The marketing strategy assignments demand keen skills like mindful observations, deep deliberations, and fluency in writing. Besides that, grammatical errors, plagiarism-related issues, and, most importantly, deadlines make it difficult for learners, especially at the initial stages, to comprehend all at once and present it in the desired manner with university-affiliated standards. 

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