Mass Communication - How to Convey Worldwide Effectively

Mass Communication

The term “Mass Communication” is a combination of two words Mass which means a large group of people, and Communication, which means the process or method of conveying your thoughts, ideas, and expressions.

Thus, Mass Communication can be defined as a method of conveying messages to a large group of people. It is accomplished through mass media, i.e., technologies capable of reaching a large audience, like television and radio.

This is a multi-dimensional field aimed at entertainment, spreading information, and spreading propaganda. It can be seen in marketing, public relations, and journalism.

Methods of Mass Communication

There are various methods of communication using which one can communicate with people on a large scale. The following are some of the most popular methods:

  • Newspaper and books: Since Guttenberg invented the printing press, printing has become the most prominent method. Thus, books, journals, and newspapers are the most traditional and popular ways of communication.

  • Telegraph: In 1844, Morse invented the telegraph, a revolutionary step in the communication domain. This machine was capable of transmitting electronic messages at long distances. The device was faster than any other method of communication available at that time.

  • Radio: Radio communication developed during the early phase of the 20th century, and by the first half of it, radio had almost monopolized airways communication. Now, music, news, and information like propaganda are transmitted more conveniently.

  • Television: TV is considered the successor of radio in the arena of communication. Its creation made it easier to grasp the audience as it has the advantages of both audio and video technologies.

  • Internet: The invention of the internet has led to a new era of the industrial revolution with information and data as its primary tools. The social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp have connected the world more deeply and revolutionized the field of communication.

Job opportunities in Mass Communication

There are various job roles available in the field of mass communication, like journalism, content writing, relationship management, digital marketing, event management, etc.

  • Journalism: Journalism is the most prominent field in which mass communication degree holders tend to work. They form the backbone of the whole media industry and are responsible for gathering ground-level information for news channels and papers. They write beautiful and engaging stories, articles, and opinions for print and digital media.

  • Filmmaker: Knowledge of communication is also used in the filmmaking industry. Their roles and responsibilities are multiple, script writing, choosing actors and directors, organizing dialogues, and so on. They also determine locations for shooting.

  • Information Specialist: Information specialists collect and analyze information for organizations in different industries. They create data reports and provide sector-related information to all relevant stakeholders, like staff and management, for informed decision-making.

  • Blogger: Bloggers write exciting and engaging content for their blogs and websites. They are supposed to write articles in such a manner that their client websites appear in the top searches. They have to monitor the trends and modify their content accordingly.

  • Event Coordinator: Event Coordinators, also called Event Managers, have to plan, implement, and monitor various events, both public and private. These events could be either family events, business events, sports events, political events, and so on.

  • Other Fields: Other than the fields mentioned earlier, a person with mass communication can work as a media planner, digital marketer, and graphic designer, with some extra knowledge of computers and software.

Subjects of Mass Communication

As we saw, the field of mass communication is very vast. Therefore, students have a wide range of subjects to choose from. You can select either media communication or photography, or any other topic. Some of the prominent topics available in communication are:

  • Audio-visual Communication.

  • Feature writing.

  • Journalism.

  • Photography.

  • Audiography and music.

  • Aesthetic and Visual Communication.

  • News reporting and editing, etc.

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