Have you ever wanted to communicate to the whole world? Does it seem impossible? What would you say if you got a chance to speak?

People always want to speak and want to be heard. It is just human nature, the way we are made. We want to communicate, not just to our neighbor, if possible to the other side of the world.

“The way man has made this possible, is called mass communication.”

In the old days when kings sent their proclamation to the public, they used speakers (humans). These speakers had great vocal strength. Their voice was audible to crowds of hundreds.

As we moved ahead in time, we came up with cones which were used to increase the range of audibility. These cones acted as megaphone which were made in the twentieth century. This was known as a speaking-trumpet. Since it was not electronic, its range of audibility was low.

As we reached the twentieth century, we came up with an electric one. This amplified the volume of the speaker to a great extent.

But speaking to a crowd this way seemed very limited. This way only the people present around the speaker were able to hear what the speaker had to say.

The question that came up was, how would the ones at home listen to what the speaker has to say? We needed a new method for mass communication.

We waited till we reached a more advanced age. Where we found radio waves, this gave a big boost to mass communication. Mass communication already had newspapers and loud speakers. Now we had radios and would soon have television and mobile phones.

mass communication
The classic source of entertainment and information.

But What Are The Uses of Mass Communication? What Role Does It Play?

Mass communication is the reason you hear news about things that happen around you, advertisements about new products and speeches of the president at your home. All these things happen because of mass communication. Mass communication is about spreading information to everyone and everywhere. Any type of information, when it needs to be spread, mass communication is used.

In simple terms Mass means a group or large crowd of people and Communication means imparting knowledge and information to others and receiving it as well.

Mass communication plays an important role of information exchange. Without it, people would not know about the things that  happens in their country and news about other countries. That is the importance of speaking to many people. Now you know you can speak to thousands or even millions of people at once. What would you say?

mass communication
Exchanging things and information.

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