Mass Communication Degree- Express Yourself Effectively

Mass Communication Degree

In simple terms, mass communication means communicating with many people or heterogeneous audiences through different channels. Mass communication is associated initially with media studies. It differs from other forms of communication like organizational and interpersonal communication because it relies on particular resources like TV, radio, newspaper, etc., that transfer information to various receivers.

The content presented through mass media affects the behavior, opinion, and attitude of receivers. The study of mass communication is related to practical applications of television, radio broadcasting, journalism, public relations, corporate, and advertising. With the transformation in the media field, mass communication has extended to social media and new media, including computer-mediated contact with more robust feedback models than traditional media sources.

Academics of Mass Communication

The Field of Mass Communication is lucrative and attractive for those interested in traveling and connecting with people. This field offers an adventurous life with future opportunities and financial stability. The academics offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. Some of the renowned courses are:

Undergraduate Courses:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.

  • Bachelor of Mass Communication.

  • Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology.

  • Bachelor of Marketing and Media Communication.

  • Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations.

Postgraduate Courses:

  • Masters in International Relations and Journalism.

  • Masters of Arts in Media, Communication, and Critical Practice

  • MBA in Communication.

  • M.Sc. in Media and Communication.

  • Masters in Journalism and Media Industry.

Courses and Topics Covered in Communication

Students can choose from the abundance of mass communication courses and select the program that best suits their higher goals. The curriculum of any course a candidate seeks covers theory and practice through internships, seminars, study tours, etc.

The Syllabus of BJMC and MJMC includes Various Topics are:

  • Writing for Media.

  • Theory of Communication.

  • Media Management.

  • Introduction to Advertising.

  • Advertising Practices.

  • Media Organisation and Management.

  • Global Media Scenario.

  • Print Journalism.

  • Media Laws and Ethics.

  • Radio Journalism & Production.

  • Value Education.

  • Public Relations.

  • National and International Affairs.

  • Intercultural Communication.

  • Media and Human Rights.

  • Radio and TV Production Techniques.

  • Film Studies.

  • Environment Communication.

  • Photography.

  • New Media Applications.

Top Universities Offering Mass Communication Degrees

Leaving the old-school conventional subjects behind, students are attracting more to radical topics like mass communication, media, journalism, etc., due to the changing global trends in education. The sudden development of communication technology and media across the globe has inspired many students to take this course. Universities assign multiple assignments that help students explicitly understand the various concepts. 

According to QS World University Rankings, the Top Colleges for Mass Communication are:

  • The University of Amsterdam.

  • Stanford University.

  • University of California, Los Angeles.

  • Goldsmiths, University of London.

  • Columbia University.

  • The University of Pennsylvania.

  • Yale University.

  • University of Texas.

What Skills Does a Communication Degree Teach?

Students who want to pursue a degree in mass communications should have some prerequisite skills. There are some skills that students learn in this course that help them to build their personality.

The skills that Mass Communication teaches Are:

  • Problem-solving skills

A mass communication degree teaches students how to be creative in solving problems. This skill comes naturally in a field like journalism handling the constant pressure to deliver news as quickly as possible.

  • Decision-Making Skills

Creative problem-solving skills ultimately elevate your decision-making skill; it shows your proficiency in choosing between two or more alternatives.

  • Reporting Skills

Reporting is a skill that can be learned only through this field as you may have to cover significant events which are pre-planned or can be immediate. So, since you are the source of information for your audience, you must represent the correct facts with your flow of speech.

  • Writing Skills

Writing is about putting your thoughts into words and how well your audience can grasp your point of view. This degree will teach you to communicate with words.

  • Build Confidence

Mass communication teaches you to be good at oral communication, which gives you enough confidence and a platform to speak on several topics in an articulate manner. This improves your public speaking skills too.

Communication Degree Specialisation.

The field of mass communication is vast, and the options are endless. This degree can be pursued after any degree. Whatever the ambition is, choosing the correct course after any degree is very important. Some students wish to become journalists, radio jockeys, and film producers, while others think of opting for public relations, advertising, photography, etc. A mass communication degree prepares you for a range of jobs.

Most Popular Specializations that Students Opt-in for their Graduation or Post-Graduation level are:

  • Journalism

  • Public Relations

  • Advertising

  • Graphics

  • Marketing

  • Corporate Communications

  • Photography

  • Television and Radio production

  • Vlogging and Blogging

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