Interesting Math Topics that a Student Should Know!

interesting Math Topics

Math can be exciting if a learner is interested in numbers, table equations, and theorems. A learner should need to create a curiosity to learn and understand the game of numbers. Interesting math topics can help to generate interest in the student. Interesting subjects or issues develop a sense of calmness in a student’s mind. From ancient to the present, math has been the most critical factor in education and our daily lives. Mathematics helps us create our everyday life orderly and prevent us from chaos, such as managing time, budgeting, cooking, driving, etc.

Mathematics can be considered the basis of all subjects in the education system. Hence it has become essential to learn this subject and understand it completely. Students can take help from those topics and subtopics that they find exciting and increase their potential while writing about them in their assignments and project work. But providing an informative and exciting Math topic is the responsibility of the teacher or professors because they are very familiar with the student’s learning capabilities and the relevant issue that has proven beneficial for the learners. 

Branches of Mathematics as Discipline 

First and foremost, mathematics is very ancient. Persians and Greeks already used mathematical tools. Nowadays, we, as modern men, call it an interdisciplinary subject. Sociologists, biologists, and linguists alike use it in their work. Moreover, we are all surrounded by Mathematics in our day-to-day lives. For example, it displays in the time measurement; we also used it to calculate our daily budget and expenditure. Mathematics can be categorized into two branches; Pure and Applied Mathematics; they both consist of their sub-parts. 

Pure Mathematics

Here we solve the problem of questioning the answers. It is the study of basic structures and concepts that underlie mathematics. It is classified into four main parts;

  • Geometry is the study of shape, size, angle, volume, radius, perimeter, and area. Here the conditions are the centre of study which are either two or three-dimensional. 
  • Arithmetic is the study of numbers and their operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The whole structure of arithmetic is based on numbers. 
  • Algebra – It is the study of numbers and algebraic equations. It is used when the number is not precise. Linear equations, fields, rings, groups, and polynomials are significant parts of algebra. 
  • Number Theory – It leads to many modern mathematics concepts like harmonic analysis, probability, and coding theory. Number theory has applications in Computer science because of its connection with cryptography.

Applied Mathematics

In applied mathematics, we have learned about the connection of mathematics with other subjects. It can be categorized into six main fields:

  • Combinatorics:- It is a general study of discrete objects. Reasoning about such a structure or object occurs throughout science and mathematics.
  • Computational Biology:- Bioinformatics and computational biology apply and develop the technique from statistics, computer science, applied mathematics, chemistry, and physics to study biological problems.
  • Physical Applied Mathematics:- It helps to develop new mathematical models and methods of broad utility to engineering and science. 
  • Computational Science and Numerical Analysis:- Its key area is related to Computer science (CS). The problem of interest in physical mathematics frequently requires computations for their resolution. 
  • Theoretical Computer Science comprises two sub-fields; the theory or algorithm and complexity theory. It is the natural bridge between mathematics and CS.
  • Theoretical Physics:- It is the study of the interplay between the physical theories, insights, and intuitions obtained from them, and also rigorous mathematics. It is used in various parts of physics, such as statistical mechanics, dynamic systems, etc.

Topics of Mathematics Based on Two Main Branches 

Here, we discussed some interesting topics from basic to advanced levels that will help you get a good score and create your love for Mathematics. The advanced topics are not so challenging to accomplish. It is generally the extended version of basic mathematics. Once a student gets familiar with the basics of the issues to connect with advanced topics, it will be easy. 

20 Best Interesting Math Topics Are:

Basic and advanced maths is generally taught in secondary and college (undergraduate and postgraduate). Some primary interesting math topics are given below:-

  • What is Hyperbola?
  • How do you solve a quadratic equation?
  • Explain how to use the binomial theorem.
  • How can you solve a matrix?
  • Investigate how to calculate the mean value.
  • How do you define the cross-product of two vectors?
  • Define linear growth
  • What is the distributive property of multiplication?
  • What is the difference between Cosine, sine, and tangent?
  • Why do we need an imaginary number?
  • What is the numerical data?
  • How can we divide complex numbers?
  • Analyze the degrees in polynomial functions.
  • Compare the different types of statistical methods
  • Describe the paradox of Gabriel’s Horn
  • How can you use elementary embeddings in model theory?
  • What is the quadratic formula?
  • What is logarithmic used for?
  • Explain what is meant by “range” and “domain” in algebra
  • Discuss Borromean ring configuration


Math topics can be an exciting part of the learning process as they require proper time and dedication from the students. The above-discussed interesting math topics can help the learner to develop a keen interest in the subject. These topics can help learners or students improve their learning capabilities together. 

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