Advanced Maths is not a nightmare for students anymore as the advancement of technology has made it easier for students to understand the core concepts in a much better way. Mathematics is the bedrock for any newfangled discipline of science. Modern data science including machine learning requires a deep learning mathematical underpinning. Advanced Mathematics is important for newcomers arriving at data science from other professions like the chemical process industry, hardware engineering, medicine and healthcare industry, business management, etc. All these disciplines or professions absolutely need math skills, unique analytical, and an inquisitive mindset.

Advanced Maths is definitely not an easy subject because of its complex numerical. It is quite difficult for students to understand even the basic concepts. The topics that are covered in this subject are a bit tricky and include vast themes. Deep knowledge of advanced maths covers a number of topics such as probability, trigonometry, algebra, integration of complex variables, that can open doors in not just academics but also in the industry. Advanced Mathematics has made our life much easier as we are surrounded by advanced mathematical equations like computers, the internet, TVs, cars, buildings, and whatnot. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is the new field where advanced mathematical codings or numerical are highly essential.

Students pursue this course to get a solid understanding of the mathematical machinery behind the cool algorithms that helps them to give an edge among their peers. This particular course is a specialized subject of maths which has numerous applications in the field of engineering, science, business, and computer science, etc.

What is A-level Maths?

Studying this serpentine subject is not an easy task. Students chasing this course invest most of their time in understanding the A-level mathematical algorithms and theorems. This particular course becomes more problematic for students who are indulged in other college activities. Missing the regular classes can be proved risky as it can lead to a lack of background knowledge and basic facts. Participating in co-curricular activities can direct to a lack of time for proper practice of maths questions. Some students find it difficult to learn formulas, facts, sequences, and procedures. They rote learn the formulas but find it difficult to apply those formulas practically. There are multiple topics that students have to cover in this course starting from pure mathematics (algebra, calculus, geometry, etc) to applied mathematics (mathematical physics, theory of computation, probability, statistics, etc).

Topics Covered in Advanced Maths

The below list covers aspects of basic and advanced mathematics, methodology, mathematical statements, and mathematical objects, and many more. Pure mathematics and Applied Mathematics are interrelated and intertwined.

Topics Covered Under Advanced Maths Are:


  • List of algebraic structures
  • Glossary of field theory
  • List of linear algebra topics, etc

Calculus and Analysis

  • List of vector spaces in mathematics
  • List of integration and measure theory topics, etc

Geometry and Topology

  • List of triangle topics
  • List of geometric topology topic, etc



Number Theory

Mathematical Physics

Theory of Computation

Probability and Statistics

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