Independent Study “COVID-19 and Students” – A Brief Discussion

Independent Study “COVID-19 and Students” – A Brief Discussion

Before Covid-19, human life was something else, there are no words to describe those wonderful and stress-free days. All were so happy and regular to their work and enjoying every single moment of life. Students were taking regular classes, interacting with their teachers and friends on a regular basis. But as if now the medium of education has totally shifted from conventional methods to digital methods of learning. All the classes are running on online mode and students get their homework Via WhatsApp or Zoom calling application. The whole system of education changed due to the dangerous covid-19 virus. Public and social interaction of students has totally stopped. 

Covid 19 brought new age of digital education for all types of studies such as regular learning and independent studies. Covid-19 has a good impact on independent study and the students. As the whole process of learning shifted towards the online mode of learning. The clear crystal benefits of independent study during the pandemic is that a learner can pursue their studies at home. The uses of direct independent learning lead to a rich understanding of subjects, increases skills, and becomes responsible.

What do you Understand by Independent Study?

According to the independent study, students mainly design their own course on a topic of their preference, working in concert with their faculty instructors or other COE faculty members. If you are in search of something unique- a particular professional experience, an opportunity to try research, or just explore a topic in more detail- you should consider doing an independent study under faculty supervision. On the other hand, in a few situations, your faculty instructors are ready to help you with their research projects or will lead your study on a topic of common interest. You must bring a lot to the table in preparing for your Independent Study, but the profit includes one-on-one observation, more concentrated study of a topic that delights you, and a more elastic timetable. 

Basically, independent learning or study is the method of learning where the student chooses a subject according to their own interest.  It creates a sense of relief in the student’s conscious mind. Independent studies also put major emphasis on collaborative learning. 

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Impact of Independent Study during the Covid-19 for Students 

During the pandemic, students are highly engaged in digital learning mode. The whole process of learning shifted from a conventional to an advanced method of learning. In an independent study, students get the chance to explore the great mode of learning. This might differ from a college education or regular mode of learning. 

By choice, independent study supplements and complements what your program’s syllabus already suggests. Your department also lets you practice an independent study to cover a topic that doesn’t meet your plan. Here are some more benefits of independent study or learning:-

  • Flexible learning
  • Engaging content
  • Provide accessible learning 

What Problem do Students Face in Independent Study During the Time of Pandemic? 

From a student perspective, independent study is full of creativity and opportunities, but at the same time, it creates some hurdles for the learners. The lack of personal interaction with the faculty teacher or member is the biggest problem for the students. During the time of college or university faculty members were available to help them face to face. But from now on video chat or normal chat students and teachers can’t share their views and opinions ideally. Moreover, students sometimes choose a topic that is not part of their arena and this creates a problem for them in the future. Also, the lack of availability of resources such as library books, research papers, faculty members, research topics is also the challenging part for the students. Some topics are also not available on the internet and hence this is the biggest problem while working in a pandemic situation.

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