MGTS1301 – Introduction to Management [COVID-19 Assignment Issues]

MGTS1301 – Introduction to Management [COVID-19 Assignment Issues]

MSTS1301 – Introduction to Management is a popular course, introduced by The University of Queensland, Australia. This course gives an introduction to the basic principles of managing business firms or organizations. It includes context, models, and key management concepts. The course covers the strategic frameworks, responsibilities, and functions of management. In this course, a new topic is introduced to the learner in the serge of the Covid-19 pandemic. COVID-19 management is a new-age topic that is presented at Queensland University and also at other universities as well.

If we look into the current situation, the whole world is suffering from this drastic pandemic. It not only harms human health but also the whole economy of the world at the same time. To manage critical situations in the office, organization, and public places, Covid-19 management skills are important to follow. The student of management study has to deal with the topic. As it is the most important skill to learn at present. This skill will allow you to manage the team, organize the work, and control the task with proper precautions.

Why is Covid-19 Management an Essential Skill that a New Age Student Should Learn?

Living, working, and studying during this pandemic is undoubtedly a new age for human civilization. Human beings are forced to deal with the situation as no one can fight against this virus. Still WHO hasn’t launched the antidote to this dangerous virus. We need to deal with the proper safety measures, such as wearing a mask and social distancing.

  • Manage the team with all the safety measures.
  • Ensure the good health of the team and staff.
  • Create a fearless environment for the workers.
  • Motivate the team to give their best to the company in such critical situations.
  • Manage and regulate the team.
  • Distribute the work in such a way that won’t put pressure on the staff’s minds.
  • Government Safety protocols should be prioritized.

Types of Management Assignments that Students Should Need to Know

Management is a vast field of study. It is the study of planning, organizing, and managing teamwork. Management has various variants and yet these all variant types make the management field stronger and more relevant.

Effectively and efficiently to achieve the set goals. Management has various variants and yet these all variant types make the management field stronger and more relevant.

Here are some of the Important and Popular Types of Management:

  • Strategic Management: Strategic Management is concerned with the execution and overall strategy creation. It carries the aim of sustaining and growing competitive advantage.
  • Sales Management: It is the process of implementing sales techniques, developing a sales force, and coordinating sales activities. It allows a company to achieve its sales targets.
  • Marketing Management: Marketing Management is the method of executing and planning marketing activities. It includes promotion, pricing, and distribution of the products
  • Public Relations: PR or public relations belongs to a variety of activities. It is led by a firm to protect and promote the image of the firm, its policies, and its products.
  • Project Management: Project Management is the method of leading the task of a team. It helps to obtain all the project goals within the stipulated time. It is the organization, control, and planning of the projects.

What is the COVID-19 Management Issues Assignment?

In the urge of COVID-19, management, controlling, and regulating things are turning out to be very important for every company’s manager. Covid-19 management is the skill to manage and create a hygienic and safe working environment. The assignment on this skill will help the students to learn the most wanted skills of controlling and managing the various management issues affected by the covid-19. This is the current issue that needs to be fully analyzed and monitored properly because one single mistake can ruin the whole system in just a few seconds. Students who opt MSTS1301 – Introduction to Management course have to deal with the traditional types of management as well as new COVID-19 management issues.


Management is a vast zone of study and provides the skill of managing a team or individual, controlling and regulating the team. But beyond these mandatory and important skills, COVID-19 management skill is the call of the time as the world is going through a difficult time. All small and large companies are directly or indirectly affected by this pandemic. It is a very important skill to learn to understand the call of the time and work accordingly. EssayCorp provides all the possible support to management students. If you need any guidance and support in terms of assignments, projects, or report work. You can contact us anytime or anywhere you want.


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