Online education has revolutionized the education sector as more and more students from across the world are gaining degrees and diploma through these courses. There are various characteristics which makes the online learning unique like less tuition fees, option to attend class from anywhere and large number of students in a course.

The impact of high number of students in online classroom has become a topic of debate among various students and teachers. Different groups associated with education like students, teachers, education service providers etc have different opinions on classroom size in online courses.


1. Synchronous and Asynchronous Online Courses:

In synchronous learning, all the enrolled students and teachers are present online through web conferencing at the same time. So, in this type of course, large number of students will definitely impact the learning process students can communicate properly through their computer screen. Students will feel more connected to teacher if there are around fifteen students only.

In asynchronous learning, students learn via pre-recorded lectures, online reading material and discussion forums. The classroom size in this type of learning does not matter much. The discussions with the classmates are done mainly through discussion boards only.

2. Perspective of the Students:

Students feel that having large number of students in an online course makes them feel ignored by the teacher. They also feel that teachers will be unable to clear doubts of all the students which are present in a massive number for a specific course.

3. Viewpoint of Economists:

As per the economists, the large size of an online classroom is beneficial for both educational institutes and students. Students are able to gain better education as lower prices while institutes with large number of students can save their resources.

4. Teachers:

Teachers also have to work more for answering the queries if the number students enrolled in the subject are high. Though, most of the processes are automated in the courses which saves a lot of time but still they have answer various mails related to subject queries.

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