The Quality Of Modern Education In The United States

The Quality Of Modern Education In The United States

The United States is a nation that supports compulsory modern education for children till sixteen years of age. But still, around 66 percent of eighth-grade students need help to read capably. Also, the number of school dropouts in the U.S. is more than a million.

These and several statistics show how the level of the modern education system and learning is lowering in the country, consequently affecting the overall economy and development of the nation.

Some  General Reasons For The Degradation Of The Education System

Reforms associated with the modern education system must be more specific and somewhat generalized. This results in need for more specialized support for underachieving students. Also, developmental and professional strategies related to teachers, students, educational specialists, etc., are not available per requirements. Do teachers assign too much homework is also a question of debate.

The focus of schools in countries like the U.S. is less on overall personality development and more on student cognitive growth. The present-day system of educational institutions emphasizes just memorizing ideas and facts. Analysis of real-life problems and implementation of innovative ideas by students is still in its fancy. Students receive a lot of assignment homework that they wish to complete anyhow due to lack of time.

A growing number of illegal migrants is another major issue connected to the degradation of educational quality. There always remains a shortage of available educational resources as the families of illegal residents in developed countries also use them. That is why there is a lot of difference between classical and modern education systems.

System of Grade inflation

Various universities in the U.S. have students scoring higher than A or A+ in assignment homework. It is not because the quality of education has increased or because students are naturally achieving more. As the tests and assignment homework prepared by teachers do not allow students to brainstorm, there needs to be more distinction between intelligent and average students.

Also, when colleges receive higher fees from students’ parents, they feel indebted enough to give students better scores on their assigned homework during their courses.

Another reason for the increased number of students receiving higher grades is that teachers leniently distribute the grades in homework assignments among students to avoid being hated by the students. Due to all these actions, the deserving category suffers when applying for jobs in the real world.

The Effect Of The Commercialization Of The Education System

Another aspect of the modern education system is the commercialization of knowledge centres. Education today is represented merely as a paid service to the students who are treated more like consumers. It results in deprived learning of moral and ethical values needed for the overall development of students rather than just course-related education. 

Also, the teacher-student bond in schools and colleges is limited only to the lecture duration. When one evaluates and compares the aspects of classical education vs modern education, there used to be strong bonds between the instructors and students.

Recent protests by various students against hikes in fees from institutions, including Warwick University, University of California, etc., reflect the against broadening the commercial dimension of learning.

The Best Education Model: Finland’s Education System

Finland boasts one of the most successful education systems in the world. There are several characteristics of Finnish education from which countries can inspire. One example is hardly any examinations or homework assignments until a student attains teenage in Finland. 

Another factor is the competency of teachers, which is treated with higher importance by the state. Teaching candidates must attain a master’s degree in education sponsored by the government. Only the top ten per cent of scholar graduates are eligible for this master’s program in Finland. The teachers in Finland have status equivalent to professionals like lawyers and doctors.

What Methods Should Be Applied To Improve The Quality Of Education?

1) School administration and government should work on making the educational place more like a community rather than merely a place of receiving knowledge. It includes mutual support of teachers, students, and administrators in bridging the social gap among these groups.

2) There should be voting in schools and colleges for relevant issues associated with the institute’s policies, like do teachers assign too much homework, changes in educational styles, etc. It will prepare students as responsible citizens for the future, give students better control over their schooling interests, and keep a check on the quality of educational institutions.

3) There should be strict measures to check racism-related cases in educational institutions. It will ensure not only equality among various ethnic groups but will also enhance the moral values of native students.

4) Exploitation of technology with a combination of programming, animation, and creativity can boost education at the much-advanced level. Educationists can Implement these processes to create multiple interactive games and applications for every subject and class that should be part of the curriculum.

5) Practical scenarios and real-life exposure to the environment related to the subject are other verticals where improvement is needed.

If all these procedures are strategically applied to impart knowledge to the growing generation, the U.S. can again become supreme in this vertical in the upcoming years.

The bottom lines

Education is an ongoing process. In college and high schools, students receive homework assignments that help evaluators examine their academic performance and complete academic assessments on time. Students can take the help of EssayCorp to formulate effective and impressive academic homework assignments and projects.

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