An essay is usually a formal piece of writing. Essays are always non-fictional. They are basically the analysation of a given topic. There are three basic steps of an essay that should be kept in mind that is introduction, body and conclusion.  

Writing an essay means not only putting your thoughts into words, but keeping your imaginations and viewpoints vivid and convincing to the reader. Essays sometimes become the most crucial aspect in the life of a student. An essay should be written by keeping certain principles in mind. Besides, writing an essay is not only about putting one’s ideas into words, but it should be making sense to the reader as well.

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Problems Faced By The Students While Writing An Effective Essay

Below are Some Difficulties That The Students Face While Writing an Essay:

  • Length of The Essay- The length of the essay plays a significant role in making the writing more difficult for the student. Length here implies the word limit. Be it any topic, sometimes students run out of knowledge of the given topic, they therefore repeat the same sentence and make the essay inept.  
  • Vocabulary- A marvellous vocabulary is a must have for writing a convincing essay. It helps in enhancing the language. It also provides a better substitute for the same word.
  • Lack of Time- Managing time in a student’s life is a great deal. Because they have a lot of other things to look after. Assignments, classes, extracurricular activities and what not. They do not get the time to improve their writing skills.
  • Lack of Knowledge of The Topic- Sometimes, when the deadlines knock doors, students don’t put much effort doing a proper research and hence, their essays barely make any sense, which results in unnecessary deductions in grades.

There are Four Major Types of an Essay:

  • Descriptive EssayAs the name suggests, Descriptive essays are written for defining a particular subject or a topic. The purpose of a Descriptive Essay is to show the reader the viewpoints of the writer through a clever selection of words. This type of essays gives you the freedom to add your own creative touch to your essay.  A description generally includes a quality that is small/big, fast/slow, tall/short, happy/sad etc. hence, for writing a descriptive essay you must keep qualities like these in mind. Example- ‘The sunset looked even more appealing with the amalgamation of different colours.’
  • Persuasive Essay– a Persuasive Essay is that type of essay where the writer wants to convince the readers through his writing and make them agree with the writer’s knowledge and recommendations about that particular topic. In the case of a Persuasive Essay, the writer needs to provide some logics and facts in order make the reader persuaded. Using some expert opinions would be of an advantage. Words and phrases that support the Persuasive technique of an essay include, I am sure that, on the other hand, in this situation, as you can see, undoubtedly, certainly, specifically etc.  Example- ‘Sunscreens and why you should avoid them.’
  • Expository Essay- An expository essay is something which includes only facts and logics. Any variation or addition from the side of the writer is not considered in such essays. They are usually written for formal essay writing. Expository essays include definitions, examples, effects/causes, analysis etc.  Example- ‘The date for celebrating the International Labour Day is 1st May.’
  • Narrative Essay- the Narrative Essay is more like telling a story. But the story that the writer tells is not a fictional story. In these essays a real life incident or experience can be portrayed. These essays sound the easiest to write among the other three, but writing a real life incident such a way, that the readers get a vivid comprehension of the experience is indeed very difficult. Writing the Narrative Essays in first person, helps the reader in a better understanding of the scenario. Example- ‘I had finally my whole room to myself after a long stay of my cousin.’

To Make Your Essay a Masterpiece, Follow These Tips as Given-

Firstly, you will have to put an end to the use of repetitive phrases and words. What you can do is, using synonyms or rephrasing if the idea has to be kept. Do not opt for finding difficult words that barely have anything to do with the sentence you want to write.

We suggest writing essays in active voice, which appears more alluring to the readers. Example- Active Voice- ‘I did the homework’ Passive Voice- ‘The homework is done by me.’ Active Voice lets you portray your viewpoints more lifelike.

Pay attention to the sentence structure. No matter how much information or knowledge you put in your essay, a well refined language attracts a reader and especially when the reader is your professor. When it comes to formal writing you cannot just use a colloquial formation of sentences. Language plays an important card in creating a positive representation.

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