What is the Importance of Persuasive Essays in Academics?

 Persuasive Essays in Academics

Essay writing is an integral part of a student's academic tenure. A student is assigned essays on varied topics from middle school to post-graduation. Persuasive essays are also part of that long list.

Essays that are written with the intent to influence the reader's views and communicate the writer's ideas behind a particular topic are called persuasive essays

Persuasive or argumentative essays are a learning tool for students. Subsequently, It helps present one's views and arguments on a topic clearly and concisely. Likewise, Scholars can write an essay to persuade the target audience to believe their ideas are related to a topic.

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Four Types of Essays Assigned to Students in Homework Assignments

  1. Persuasive Essays

As discussed above, these essays are influential. Authors present their views supported by facts and logic to persuade the readers. However, Opinions backed up by proven studies aid writers in influencing their audience. A plagiarism-free essay is impactful for a student. 

  1. Descriptive Essays

Defining a topic, subject, incident, place, or even emotion is a part of descriptive essays. First, a scholar needs a hook to gather the reader's attention. It is an excellent chance for scholars to hone their writing skills. Furthermore, It aids students in describing various attributes of a topic using comparative words.

  1. Expository Essays

In expository essays, students explain a topic by backing it up with proven facts and studies. Expository essays include definitions, examples, effects/causes, analysis, etc. 

  1. Narrative Essays

A narrative essay is a self-explanatory term. It means narrating or creatively describing a topic or incident. It can be based on anything—a day out with friends, the first day at the office, or college. 

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Persuasive Essay Format: 5 Tips for Writing a Compelling Argument

It's essential to draft a compelling argument to outline a persuasive essay. Here are five tips for writing a persuasive essay - 

  • Clear thesis statement - A thesis statement should clearly state the student's argument and provide a roadmap for their essay. It should be concise, specific, and compelling, giving their readers a reason to care about the topic. 
  • Evidence to support the argument - Essays should be backed up with evidence, including facts, statistics, and examples. With proper proof, including facts, statistics, and illustrations. The more evidence you can provide, the more compelling your argument will be. In addition, Be sure to cite your sources and use various evidence types to make your case.
  • Address Counterarguments - To strengthen your argument, address any counterarguments that may arise. Acknowledge opposing viewpoints and provide evidence that refutes them. Moreover, It will show that you've considered all angles of the issue and that your argument is still the strongest.
  • Use persuasive language - Using clear and concise language is an effective way to outline a persuasive essay. Use powerful verbs and avoid passive voice. Likewise, Students should use rhetorical devices, such as repetition and analogies, to make their argument more memorable and engaging.
  • Call to action - End the essay with a call to action that encourages the reader to take some action based on the writer's arguments. Furthermore, Students should be specific and persuasive to initiate readers to do something or agree with the writer's point of view. 

Following these tips is helpful in essay writing. To sum up, Scholars can draft error-free essays while keeping these points in mind. 

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