How to Write the Best Persuasive Essay

persuasive essay writing

During their studies, students need to write lengthy academic projects to prove their knowledge and capabilities. These projects could be assignments, essays, term papers, assessments, or anything else. The best of them is an essay.

Essays are of various types like narrative essays, argumentative essays, persuasive essays, critical essays, personal statements, literary essays, and many more. All these types have their respective qualities and characteristics. Out of them, persuasive essays are considered of prime importance.

A persuasive essay is a writing piece where the author not just provides some information but also tries to persuade the readers and audience towards his/her ideas. Here, authors express their thoughts and ideas and try to attract as many people as possible to these. Such essays show the leadership and convincing qualities of the author.

Qualities of a Persuasive Essay

A well-thought persuasive essay is written with great sophistication and skills so that it is able to attract and sustain the attention of readers or listeners. It should be simple and easy to understand but effective at the same time. The use of questions enhances the quality of it, so, one should place them adequately. To thoroughly understand the qualities of a proper persuasive essay, you can go through the following points:

  • Rhetorical Speech: The author should use questions and rhetorical language in such a way that it makes the reader think. Whether the answer to the question is possible or not, it must persuade listeners to think deeply about the subject and grab their attention.

  • Emotive Language: Emotive language is the language that encourages the listener to imagine things and scenarios. An emotively written essay keeps the interest of readers alive in the subject and their minds active and engaged.

  • Facts and Stats: A persuasive essay should have enough facts and statistical data to prove the point being argued in it. Stats, especially when represented with pie charts and bar graphs, attract the attention of readers and creates a feeling of authenticity in their minds regarding the arguments. 

  • Modal Verbs and Adverbs: Words like ‘definitely’, ‘certainly’, and ‘absolutely’ are called modal verbs. These words have no room for questioning and create a sense of conformity regarding the statements being said. These words also show the authenticity of the statements.

  • Balance of Opinions and Facts: A persuasive essay not only provides raw information to readers but also tells about the thoughts and opinions of the author. While writing essays, authors should thoroughly analyze the gathered information and frame their opinions accordingly to suit their objective of writing.

Issues With Writing Persuasive Essays

As we can see, a well-written essay should have some keen characteristics, without which it might remain as a mere informational piece. But not all students are able to possess the qualities to write a perfect essay paper. They might lack the required knowledge and skills or may not be able to manage their time effectively. Some of the prominent problems that students face while writing essays are the following:

  • Language Barriers: Students feel perplexed between easy language and academic language, as the two are quite different. Many times, they use slang words to make the assignment easier. But this kind of language is highly unprofessional and unethical to be used in an academic setting.

  • Creative Vocabulary: Another issue is of having limited vocabulary knowledge. This restricts their ability to creatively write an essay with emotive language and rhetoric. As we have read, rhetorics are important for a persuasive essay but students who do not possess their knowledge need essay writing help.

  • Art of Representation: Any essay should be represented with enough details, facts, and figures. But students sometimes lack the characteristics of articulating the gathered facts and statistics adequately. This makes their persuasive writing less persuasive.

  • Unable to Extract Information: A persuasive essay should have well-researched and analyzed information. But sometimes, students do not know how to extract relevant information from sources like journals, books, and the internet. Thus, they need some assignment writing help with their work.

  • Limitation of Time; Any homework has to be written and submitted within a pre-determined time frame. But students find it problematic to manage their time between their academic and personal life. Because of this, they feel exhausted and go for online essay writing help.

Other Types of Essays

Other than persuasive essays, there are narrative essays, argumentative essays, descriptive essays, cause-and-effect essays, critical essays, process essays, contrast and comparison essays, and many more. Some of these essays are:

  • Narrative Essays: Narrative essays are like stories in which authors try to explain their points and objectives in a story-like format. These essays allow writers to take full advantage of their literary knowledge and skills and make their essays as imaginative as they can.

  • Argumentative Essays: Argumentative essays are, somewhat, similar to persuasive essays where the author tries to convince readers about the facts and figures represented in the writing piece. These essays try to put forward the ideas and information authoritatively and prove the opinions of the writer.

  • Descriptive Essays: A descriptive essay is a writing paper where a single topic is described and explained adequately. Here, the writer has to remain objective and stick to the central theme of the paper. The ultimate objective of a descriptive essay is to make readers understand the topic deeply without any one-sided opinion.

  • Cause and Effect Essays: A cause and effect essay explains an event thoroughly, with the reason behind its happening and the effects it may have in the near future. The primary objective of writing a cause-and-effect essay is to make the reader aware of all the factors behind an incident and what could be the possible outcomes of it, both long-term and short-term.

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