We all love the spirit of Halloween and the energy that comes with it but do we exactly know the real reason behind this day? The contemplation between opulence and scarcity, light and dark, autumn and winter, we celebrate the vibrancy of ‘Halloween’. It has its origin lying in the Celtic festival of Samhain, in which people used big bonfires to usher away the dead.

Though, now the meaning of the whole thing has changed and people don’t really know the actuality behind celebrating Halloween. These days it makes big bucks for retailers and has also taken toll in the arena of merchandising

History behind Halloween

According to the Celtics the dead come walking on Halloween in the world of the living. They lit big bonfires and gathered people to burn crops and animals as offering to the Celtic gods. The bonfires are quoted sacred and are considered to help in protection of the living for the winters.
It is also known as All Hallows’ Eve and is celebrated in a lot of countries; it is also celebrated on the 31st of October and is dedicated in recalling the dead.

Halloween in America

Suddenly as and when it came to America it had already and drastically changed, people started partying on this day. There was a big market for costumes, sweets and accessories. The ritual somehow faded and got hyped due to the celebrations and commercialisation.

5 Halloween Facts

  • Halloween is considered the second highest commercial holiday after Christmas.
  • Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween.
  • The owl is considered a common Halloween picture. In the medieval era owls were considered a negative sign and an owl’s hear was meant that someone is about to die.
  • According to tradition, “if a person wears his or her clothes inside out and then walks backwards on Halloween, he or she will see a witch at midnight.”
  • “Children are more than twice as likely to be killed in a pedestrian/car accident on Halloween as on any other night.”
    “One quarter of all the candy sold annually in the U.S. is purchased for Halloween.”

Essence of Halloween Today

Halloween has become a holiday for minting money, teenagers and school going have made it a day of enjoyment. Though this day has a lot of superstitions and mysteries but today’s generation is enjoying it with the help of activities that it has created. Also, the marketers have taken advantage of the whole transition and have walked along.

Trick or treat has now become a modern day tradition and has made it worth a while for everybody and also Halloween is now celebrated by a lot of people around the globe.

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