Halloween: Let’s Unroll The Actual Meaning of Halloween

Halloween: Let’s Unroll The Actual Meaning of Halloween

Halloween is the festival known for spooky vibes and ecstasy with the fellowship of spine-chilling stories related to ghosts, evil spirits, death and other scary elements. It is believed that on October 31 st , the ghouls, warlocks and witches tend to appear in their full force. In order to get those scary things away from themselves people tend to light bonfire and put masks on their faces. Somehow it is an amalgamation of strange and whacky carnival ambience. People swop candies and pumpkin sweets with each other as a gesture of Halloween celebration.

Halloween is also known as the “Day of the Dead” however this day unfolds cheer and merriness around rather than just the scary vibes. On the Day of the Dead we honor the souls of those who have passed, as well as those living to pay an honor and tribute. Halloween is a perfect time to cherish, mystery and tricks apart from these factors there is much more to apprehend about this day and its related celebration.

Backdrop of Halloween

Halloween mounts an important passage between two seasons that are fall and winter and it also reflects to life and death. As we all are well aware of the fact that Halloween is celebrated on the evening of October 31st, which is also the evening prior to the Christian blowout of All Saint’s Day. The history of Halloween hits back to the antiquated religion of Celtic people from where the Britons and Scots, Irish also arrived. It has been believed that the Celts tend to worship nature and intend in the world of spirit. Close to the 9th century, the Christian feast day for martyrs was shifted from the date May 13 to the exact time of Samhain and was also renamed as Feast of All Saints.

Their chief god was the sun and they celebrated two festivals revolving around the sun: Beltane, to mark the beginning of summer and Samhain or Saman to mark the start of winter. About that particular that time, the Celts assumed spirits would transit through the real and physical world and subsequently destroy their harvest and ruin their crops. In order to secure their harvests, the people started leaving the food and drinks as gift and offerings to the spirits. They also tend to disguise themselves and their actual faces with black and white colors in order to blend with the spirits and ghosts. This event turned out to be the current prominent pop culture and tradition. In Italy this day is celebrated as the all soul’s day and honors the loved ones who are no more in this physical world. Almost every country celebrating Halloween day tend to pay tribute and remember their lost ones with utmost love and gratitude.

Activities and celebrations related to Halloween day

actual meaning of Halloween

During the celebration of Halloween there are many events and activities that take place which comprises playing pranks, scary games, chaffering scary or haunted attractions, dressing up like evils and much more. People carve the pumpkins in the shape of scary creatures. Children tend to play the mischievous game of trick or treat during which they like to knock on the door of people asking to choose trick or treat. If people choose treat they need to offer sweets and candies to the children otherwise they play any fun trick on them. It is also considered to be the prime activity related to the celebration of Hallows eve. Children performing this activity tend to dress up like spirits and ghosts. People around the world enjoy this holiday with great enthusiasm and excitement.

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