.There is some fresh news pouring in from the circle of Indian student’s diaspora abroad. Recent data revealed that the Indian students are now pursuing education, especially medicine and engineering in China It is a significant change since Britain has so far been the preferred destination for the students for higher education.

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In 2015, the figure of Indian students in China stood at over 13,500. However, it is South Korea followed by the US and Thailand, closing top 3 ranks for the highest number of students from abroad in China. If it has been Britain for blue-chip foreign education for Indian students till now, then, China is slowly emerging as an unexpected rival in the same field.

The unprecedented (accounted for) growth in a number of Indian students in China has been led by- education of medicine. The recent furore of NEET in India has, in turn, convinced many medical aspirants to pursue their dream in China. For the uninitiated, the central government of India had recently made NEET exam compulsory for seeking admissions in medical colleges across the country. It was seen as a major shift in the medical admission process and criteria, making it tough for many medical aspirants to clear the exam, due to the difference in state education curriculum vs. CBSE academic curriculum, for example. There were many other reasons cites for NEET dissatisfaction, eventually leading to a perception build-up that pursuing a medical degree dream in India is both tough and time-consuming.

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Considering that China is a cost-effective destination, its easy to get admission to a medical course here, it is taught in English, and most importantly, its medical degrees are officially recognised by the MCI (the apex body- Medical Council of India), China is definitely a packaged education experience for the students. Statistically, China has 18,171 students as compared to 18,015 in the UK, the 2016 data reveals. China also scored as the preferred destination for others like Russia where language is a clear constraint. Also, Indian students from China can practice in India since their degree is MCI acknowledged. The average course fee in China (medical university) annually amounts to $2,000 and $3000. Plus, the living expense of up to $1,000.

Furthermore, another reason Indian students flocking to China, cited is that the people are now seeking admission for engineering courses too. In 2015, the Indian student’s number in China rose to over 13,500, ranking India as one of the top 10 nations studying in Chinese Varsities. From India, China is the fifth most preferred destination for students willing to spend in education abroad.

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Whereas the UK has lowered in popularity since it admonished the practice of issuing post-education work visas. China, on the other hand, also offers a job opportunity. In addition, it is not only Indian students rushing to China for higher education. The country’s reputation has significantly improved in imparting education for students from abroad, and it is first humanities followed by medicine for education persuasion in China.

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