Engineering is a vast field of study and research that consists of various branches and sub-branches. Automotive Engineering is one of the most important branches of engineering in the modern world. It is the branch that deals with the manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanism as well as operation of automobiles. It also introduces vehicle engineering that consists of motorbikes, cars, buses, trucks, etc. The one who studies this course is known as automotive engineers, they are responsible for creating the new and innovative modern machines or advanced cars. 

For the past 10-15 years, we have seen tremendous progress in the sector of cars and automobiles. New and advanced technologies take this sector to the next level. Our engineers have introduced new human-less and robotics cars that run on remote control. Along with this, they also introduced eco-friendly cars that run on CNG and solar panels. Automotive engineering also helps researchers or engineers to find out alternative ways to save petrol and diesel as they are limited natural resources. They moved the entire focus on new technologies that will be useful for mankind and also harmless for our environment. 

Role of SAE in Automotive Engineering 

SAE stands for a society of automotive engineers; it is a US-based, globally active standard developing organization and professional association for professional engineers of various zones. Its headquarter is based in Pennsylvania and established in the year 1905. It has the principle to emphasize global transport industries like; automobile, aerospace, and commercial vehicles. Society of automotive engineers international ( SAE) is the global association of more than 12,800 engineers. SAE’s mission is to advance mobility knowledge and solutions for the welfare of mankind.  SAE is the leader in educating and connecting mobility enthusiasts to enable clean, accessible, sustainable, and safe mobility solutions.

Once learners joined the university-level program, SAE grants 12 different collegiate design competitions and events that put classroom training into action by challenging students to build, design, and test the performance of a vehicle in a competitive environment. More than 10,000 students from 500 universities of 6 continents draw in SAE collegiate design competitions.

Why is an Automotive Engineering Degree Course Popular?

Automotive or automobile engineering is one of the most sophisticated courses in the engineering discipline. The automotive sector is a gigantic industry nowadays, it plays a crucial role in commuting. With the rapidly growing technology, daily a new automotive product is introduced to the world and therefore the one who studied this course needs to keep updated themselves with the latest norms and advancements of the subject. The tremendous demand for young professionals is increasing day by day in this sector hence the companies are ready to pay attractive salary packages to graduate and postgraduate students. This attractive salary package attracts the students to opt for this course. As we all know that the demand for automobile engineers will never decrease and it will surely increase in masses. According to the survey, for a young and qualified automotive engineer starting salary package is around $99,000 in the United States of America. Every student is looking for the best and secured future and undoubtedly, the automotive sector is full of opportunities.

Top 10 Universities for Automotive Engineering in the World

This course has roots all over the world because the automobile sector is needed in every country. Various economic activities depend upon it such as the import and export of goods and services with the help of Trucks, Vans, and other advanced automobile devices. Hence, the need for talented engineers forced the world to make advanced and innovative learners through university programs. Universities are the independent place where students will learn in the informative zone with live interaction, fieldwork, and other academic activities. It is the place where teachers or professors create a profound engineer for the future that will later help to develop and create something unique in the automobile sector. 

  • University of South Wales
  • HAN University of Applied Science
  • Manchester Metropolitan University
  • Isik University
  • Coventry University
  • Hamk University of Applied Science
  • Polytechnic University of Turin
  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
  • Georgia University of Technology
  • Michigan State University   


Automotive engineering is the most demanding field of engineering right now. As we look at the current scenario where the whole world is totally dependent on automobiles. Now we humans can even imagine life without cars, bikes, buses, and planes. It became an essential part of human life. It makes human life easy. Hence the demand for new and innovative ideas has increased. At this point in time, the automobile sector needs to work according to environmental needs. As all automobiles run on natural resources like petrol and diesel, they both are non-renewable sources of energy and they also release harmful gases that increase the level of global warming. Thus, the automobile industry needs to shift towards eco-friendly stuff that not only helps the environment but also reduces their cost of production. In short automotive engineering is all about the creation and manufacture of automobiles that are beneficial for both man and nature. 

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