Automotive Engineering: Meaning and Importance in Our Lives

Automotive Engineering

Engineering is a vast field of study and research, and Automotive Engineering is one of the most important branches of it. The branch deals with manufacturing, designing, mechanical mechanism, and operation of automobiles. It also introduces vehicle engineering that consists of motorbikes, cars, buses, trucks, etc. Those who study this course are known as automotive engineers and are responsible for creating new and innovative modern means of transportation.

The last 10-15 years have seen tremendous progress in automobiles. Our engineers have introduced new driverless and robotic cars with remote control. They have also introduced eco-friendly vehicles that run on CNG and electricity. Automotive engineering also helps researchers to find alternative ways to save petrol and diesel as they are limited natural resources. They moved their focus to new technologies that are helpful for humanity without harming the environment, i.e., are sustainable.

Why is Automotive Engineering So Popular?

Automotive or automobile engineering (AE) is one of the most sophisticated courses in the engineering discipline. The automotive sector is a gigantic industry nowadays, and it plays a crucial role in commuting. With the rapidly growing technology, a new automotive product is introduced daily. Therefore the one who studied this course must keep updated with the latest norms and advancements.

This sector's tremendous demand for young professionals is increasing; hence, companies are ready to pay attractive salary packages to graduate and postgraduate students.  According to a survey, the salary package for an automotive engineer is around $99,000 in the United States of America. This package attracts students.

Besides, youngsters love cars and bikes, and the automobile industry gives them an aesthetic environment as they work in the field they love. 

As we all know that the demand for automobile engineers will never decrease and will surely increase. Every student is looking for the best and most secure future; undoubtedly, the automotive sector is full of opportunities.

Best Universities/Colleges for AE

This course has roots worldwide because transportation is a need of every country. Almost all economic activities depend upon it, such as importing and exporting goods and services with the help of Trucks, Vans, and other advanced automobile devices. Hence, the need for ṣtalented engineers forced the world to make progressive and innovative learners through university programs. Universities are independent places where students will learn in an informative zone with live interaction, fieldwork, and other academic activities. It is where teachers or professors create a profound engineer for the future to help develop and create something unique in the automobile sector. 

  • University of South Wales;

  • HAN University of Applied Science;

  • Manchester Metropolitan University;

  • Isik University;

  • Coventry University;

  • Hamk University of Applied Science;

  • Polytechnic University of Turin;

  • Vilnius Gediminas Technical University;

  • Georgia University of Technology;

  • Michigan State University.

Subjects and Topics of Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineering, like almost every branch of engineering, has Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics as its core subjects. Furthermore, it also deals with Robotics, Computer and Programming, Automotive Safety, Vehicle Designs, and Graphics. All these subjects are pretty vast in themselves and cover the following topics:

All the subjects and topics mentioned earlier are highly technical and vast, and an aspirer must have in-depth knowledge of all the related matters.

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