A day after Christmas or more precisely, a weekday after Christmas is popularly known as Boxing Day. Currently, it is a day where you get the biggest discounts at stores near you, if you live in Canada, United Kingdom or some other commonwealth country. It is not a worldwide celebration, but more of a developed commonwealth country celebration, which can afford to give such sales.

In less developed countries, it is still actually celebrated the way it should be, the way it has been celebrated since the beginning, and beginning means the early 1500 A.D.

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A Day Where You Get The Biggest Discount At The Stores Starting From Morning

The Origin

In the early days Christmas was a less shopping and more spending time with family kind of a festival. As compared to what you see today, Christmas was much calmer back then. So, people used to leave their work early, or close their shops midday just to reach home early. With such importance given to families, masters would often let their servants go off to their families in the evening of 25th December till 27th December with a gift box. This gift box would contain a bonus, some gifts or at times some leftover food. This was given to them as gratuity for the work they did throughout the year. Servants weren’t the only ones who got a gift box on the twenty sixth, post-men and errand boys were also given a gift box.

This day is also known as the Saint Stephen’s Day. He was the first recorded martyr for Christianity. This day is celebrated with a feast in is remembrance.

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Earlier, Boxing Day Was Meant To Be Given To Servants By Masters As A Symbol Of Gratuity

What Now?

Well, now the day is celebrated as a holiday where the stores radically reduce the price of many commodities. There is now less of gift giving and more of gift taking; where people just get leaves from their offices instead of a gift box. Doesn’t a gift box sound much better?

Bank employees have it even better, as they get additional holidays if either Christmas or Boxing Day falls on a Saturday, in which case the following Monday or Monday and Tuesday are bank holidays. If you’re one of those bank employees, congratulations on being the lucky one.

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Now, The Day Is Celebrated As A Holiday Where The Stores Radically Reduce The Prices Of Different Items.

What About You?

This is a day to give gifts, and that is what it should be. There are people who are alone or are working under a Scrooge, who will not let them enjoy Christmas and boxing day. You may have a friend who is in such a predicament, and you can be their hero.

You can buy a few gifts from the sale and give them to someone who needs it. Go to any mall, you’ll see people who cannot afford to buy something. Go to them and give them a gift. This will make their day and even yours.

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