Let’s Know the Real Story of the Man Behind Santa Claus

Let’s Know the Real Story of the Man Behind Santa Claus

Ho Ho Ho…here comes the Santa time!!! So it is the merriest time of the year around. We all are set to celebrate Christmas with utmost enthusiasm. Christmas shopping has begun for all. Lights and happy faces is all what we can observe on the roads during the Christmas time. Christmas is all about sending happiness to our closed ones and even to them who are in need. Millions of children wait for their loving Santa to arrive and leave them the desired gifts. So why not get to know your Santa a bit deeper? This blog will let you know the real story of the man behind Santa.

The true story of Santa

We have always imagined Santa as a happy and jolly old man who loves to hand out gifts to children. But in reality, Santa Claus was not a jolly and happy old fellow all the time. He didn’t have the shiny white whiskers and dressed up in a red-white oversized suit. Santa Claus was an ecstatic child himself, much before he started living in the cold North Pole. He didn’t pay any yearly surprise visit to the kids because he was himself an ordinary boy like all others. He was named “Nicholas” by his parents which means “hero of the people” Nicholas was a kind hearted and generous boy at that time as well. He used to share his food with poor kids who had nothing to eat. He was always ready to lend his helping hand in order to bring joy and happiness in other’s lives. Nicholas joined the church at a quite early age; it became his responsibility and basic duty to help the people. He always gave special preference and fondness to the kids and they were also very fond of his joyous nature in return.

Soon he became the bishop of a church and was quite known as well. People used to address him as “Boy Bishop” as he was young. One fine day when he was roaming around a village on horse, he overheard a doleful and depressed story of a poor old man who did not have any money to feed his three daughters. He did not have enough resources to marry them. This sight filled Nicholas’s heart with pain. He made his mind to help that poor old man. That night, Nicholas slide up to the old man’s home and jumped onto the rooftop to find the chimney and made sure nobody notices him doing that. Then one by one he ceded three bags of gold down the chimney which fallen into the stockings of old man’s three daughters, which was hung by them to be dried there.

The next morning!!

The morning brought up joy to the old man’s family when they found gold coins in the stockings. The story of this magical gift got apprehension at a large level and people began to hang up stockings in a hope to get gifts. Long time back, people started to celebrate St. Nicholas’ good work on every Christmas. St. Nicholas has various names in different parts of the world. In some places he was recognized by the names like “Sint Nikolass” or “Sinterklass” The most famous name given to him is “Santa Claus”.

Man Behind Santa Claus

So, we all need to learn to be kind hearted and helpful to give a true meaning to Christmas celebration. Celebrate this great day with the togetherness of loved ones.

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