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Acid Mine Drainage Assignment Help

Acid mine drainage is the outflow of acidic water from mines, disturbance in sulphide river beds and other man-made or natural occurrences. This phenomenon in most cases is man-made, though it can sometimes occur naturally, as caused by weathering of rocks; but it's exacerbated by large-scale mining. Let us give you a brief idea about acid mine drainage and how to get acid mine drainage assignment help.

It occurs as a by-product of metal mining or coal mining. There are other terminologies used for acid mine drainage - acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD) and acid rock drainage. It usually occurs with rocks containing an excess of sulphide minerals.Transport corridors, construction sites, and subdivisions have the potential to create acid mine drainage. We here at EssayCorp can help you by providing all acid mine drainage assignment help.

acid mine drainage assignment help

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Impact of Acid Mine Drainage:

The whole world is struggling to cope with climate change and acid rock drainage just adds to that, not to mention the health hazards that it causes. Inhabitants of the locality are struggling where acid mine water flows; the disease is rampant, ranging from cancer to respiratory disorder, in some cases it even proves fatal.

  • Acidity and toxicity - Acid mine drainage is highly acidic and it contains high quantity of heavy metals (zinc and copper) which is very hazardous to human health. The stream of acid rock drainage is very potent, no life can prevail in it, except for micro-organisms who can survive the pH level up to zero.
  • Effect on pH - The pH level of mines can be measured in negative, this is very much alarming. There are organisms that can thrive at zero pH, but when the pH drops below zero, all the water in the already water starved pools evaporate.
  • Wildlife - The impact of this phenomenon on the wildlife is devastating, the wildlife in the areas where acid mine drainage occurs is almost on the verge of extinction. Now, you can figure out why!
  • Marine ecosystem - There is a high possibility that the coral reef would be affected if this toxic water enters the sea. And as you are aware, the coral reef is a vital part of the marine ecosystem, all life at sea revolves around it. Not to mention the impact it would have if it enters our lakes and ponds, the impact would be abysmal.
Our Writers and Acid Mine Drainage Assignment Help

Our writers have a hands-on experience with subjects relating to acid mine drainage help. Let me share with you some of the topics we’ve worked on recently, just naming a few:

  • Environmental Impact of acid mine drainage and the geology of coal.
  • High-sulphur coal and acidic water, and restoring lower rock creek.
  • Acid mine drainage remediation and the result of acid mine drainage remediation.
  • The role of Bacteria and aquatic insect in acid mine drainage generation.

Our writers are adept and sincere, they are very motivated at helping students.

acid mine flow diagram
Sample Problems and Acid Mine Drainage Assignment Help

Below are a few examples of the kind of assignments our writers have helped students with.

  1. Write an equilibrium expression for aqueous dissociation of Fe(OH)3. If the dissociation constant for Fe(OH)3 is Ksp = 2.79x10-39 at 25°C, what is the solubility of Fe(OH)3 at a neutral pH? At a pH of 2.80? At a pH of 8.00? Calculate the pH at which Fe(OH)3 would begin to precipitate for Stream #1, and for Stream #2 (as described in the previous question), at 25°C.
  2. Two different streams contaminated with AMD were sampled. Stream #1 had an average iron content of 2,143 mg/L, while Stream #2 was found to have 48.6 mg/L.IV Calculate the molarity of the iron in each stream.

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Amongst other job opportunities.

Acid mine drainage is an important field with job opportunities always available. Any of the branches can be considered as a full time career option and can be made the major. For a good job and to pass the competition, good grades are important, you score good grades with good assignments. Our acid mine drainage assignment help is the best you will find.


Consider EssayCorp For Acid Mine Drainage Assignment Help

We understand the pressure of writing a great assignment for acid mine drainage and how it affects your grades. That is why we have experienced experts who write your assignment, in which they provide in-depth and correct answers with the required amount of references. This helps your assignment to stand out, which helps you score great grades. We at EssayCorp have been in the assignment help business for a while and have been successful in providing students with on time assignments, without compromising on the quality of the assignment, giving hundred percent plagiarism free assignments.

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