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Finance Assignment Help in US, UK & Australia

If you are pursuing MBA or related commerce-based course, then dealing with the subject of finance is inevitable. It is a quite essential subject in the field of management that helps to gain good jobs in finance-based firms, banks or regulatory organisations, to name a few. For scoring good marks in this field, students have to go through multiple assignments on a regular basis which may be quite complex. So, they can take the support of EssayCorp which is a premier company, it provides online global finance assignment help to students.

In simple terms, finance deals with matters related to money and markets. It is a branch of economics that relates to resource allocation, resource management, acquisition, and investment. It is more towards money management that manages the money or funds required by the business entities like; companies, firm, and even individuals to achieve their economic goals. The implication of finance is very wide; from wealth management to determining the future value of money, it helps in predicting the financial future of a company and even the stock market. It is a must for any manager to have a thorough knowledge of the subject.

finance assignment help

Brief Explanation of Some Topics Covered By Us in Finance Assignment Help

Business valuation

It is the process of analysing and evaluating a business for the purpose of estimating the true monetary worth of an enterprise for the purpose of the owner or the stakeholders.

It is done to facilitate both the owner of the business and the new acquisitor of the business. It is a pivotal tool used in merger and acquisition, it is also used to value a company that decides to go public and wants itself listed on the stock exchange. It is not just used in determining the selling price of the business, in the event of a dispute related to estate, divorce litigation, etc. business valuation comes in handy.

business valuation
Enterpreunorial finance
Enterpreunorial finance

It is the type of finance concerned with the students who want to open a new venture in the near future or for those students who wish to understand the concept or the ways in which new ventures go about their business.

Before an entrepreneur decides to act on his or her plan, they have to consider a wide range of factors or financial decision, this type of finance teaches the student to consider factors like the source of finance for the venture, where to allocate the resources available, how to use it for optimum benefit. It teaches the entrepreneur all about the financing of a startup.

Stock valuation

It is the process of calculating the true or intrinsic value of a stock. There are various methods in use to calculate the value of a stock. These methods help an investor to make the decision whether to buy or sell the share.

There are various methods in use to value or to determine the intrinsic position of the stock in the financial market. Some of the formulas for determining the fair value are P/E method, discounted cash flow method, and the Gordon model. In our finance assignment help, our experts can solve all your problems related to stock valuation with case studies.

stock valuation
public finance
Public finance

It is involved with the finance of the government, it studies the process by which the government raises its finance and it also studies the different fields of expenditure that the government incurred.

Public finance is not just limited to that, it involves a multitude of financial activity undertaken by the government or that are in its domain, like; the fiscal policy of the government darted towards certain goals, like achieving price stability, economic growth, increase in the equal distribution of income, etc. In our finance homework help, we provide help for even this type of sub-topics.

Risk and return

Nothing in life comes without risk; when you incept your study in the field of commerce the first lesson you learn is "No risk no gain", the higher the risk you take the more gain you are likely to have. If you invest in equity, the risk is more, but you stand to gain more too compared to investing in debentures.

The riskiest financial instrument in the market is possibly options and futures, as there is no certainty or there is no real formula on which you could rely on but the gain is also very high. In simple words, it is gambling, you either win big or you lose all.

risk and return
risk management techniques
Risk management techniques

It is the process of forecasting the risk and identifying the solutions to avoid them. The four techniques of risk management are:

  • Avoidance: After the identification of risk, the co. should avoid the activity that attracts risk.
  • Reduction: Reduce the activity that has the potential of forecasted risk.
  • Transfer: It is always best to transfer the risk, that is by getting insured.
  • Acceptance: Sometimes the acceptance of risk is necessary for other business activity to flourish.

An insurance is a protection against potential loss in the future, it is a risk management technique in the form of policy; where the insured enters into a contract with the insurer for protection against loss, given a certain amount is paid called premium. Under this, the insured party receives the full or partial reimbursement for the loss.

Ever since the inception of modern insurance, its realm has been ever expanding; today the major category of insurance are; health insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, travel insurance, business insurance, etc. there are various methods to calculate insurance, our writer can provide you all the finance assignment help you need, from theory to problems.

ratio analysis
Ratio analysis

It is the analysis of the financial statement of a company using qualitative formulas. Ratio analysis is a very important tool to discover the financial position of a business, various parameters of the business can be judged with the help of ratio analysis. There is a wide range of financial and accounting formulas that are used in ratio analysis. Due to the enormity of the formulas, students struggle with finance assignment, we at EssayCorp provide finance assignment help at a very affordable rate. Some of the major financial ratios are; debt-to-equity ratio, current ratio, quick ratio, return on equity, net profit margin, etc.


The expanded form of forex is foreign exchange market; it is also known as FX or currency exchange. Forex is basically the decentralisation of the global foreign exchange market. It is the place where buying, selling and distribution of foreign currency takes place. The forex market does not determine the value of a currency but it just fixes the current market price of a currency against the other.

The major participants in the global foreign exchange market are large financial institutions. This market works with the major involvement of these institutions at various levels; forex is an important but convoluted topic, so students requiring forex help can reach us at our service finance assignment help.

merger acquisition
Merger and acquisition

It is the consolidation of a business or its assets. Both the terms are studied under the same chapter but have a distinct meaning; there is a whole lot of accounting and finance involved in merger and acquisition. A merger is the amalgamation of two companies to form a new company for various reasons, like to gain competitive advantage or in the case of the dissolution of one of the company.

Acquisition is the process or a situation where one company takes over the other. It happens in the case of one company holding a majority share in the other.

Futures & Options

These are the two most traded of all the derivatives. Derivatives are financial instruments that obtain its value from an underlying. There are two forms of derivative; underlying and over the counter.

Futures are a type of contract where the buyer and seller enter into a contract for the future delivery of the commodity at a specified time and at a specified price.

Options, as the name suggests is a contract between two parties and gives the option to the buyer to sell the derivative on his own volition.

futures options
time value of money
Time value of money

It means that a specific amount of money at present would be valued more in the future because of the potential of increasing its value. The amount of interest earned makes the money more valuable than its previous valuation. The perfect example of the time value of money is our savings account, our money in the bank increases at a certain rate over a given period of time.

Finance Assignment Help By Experts

We have a team of experienced writers in the US, UK & Australia who write papers without plagiarism and use reference from authentic academic resources so you get the desired grades. The assignment is passed through multiple quality checks to assure error free finance assignment.

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Example of Some of The Problems That Our Finance Experts Solve

In our finance assignment help, we provide you with a solution to such kind of problems:

  1. Management of a company could use Sensitivity and Scenario analysis in their corporate decision makings. How their decision making could be related to capital budgeting techniques such as Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value etc. Explain the following concepts in relation to Capital Budgeting Techniques. (1000 words)
    • Sensitivity Analysis
    • Scenario Analysis
  2. Explain and identify similarities and differences between the following two models. (1000 words)
    • Capital Asset Pricing Model.
    • Capital Market Line.
  3. Prepare a financial position for Ted Hills Hardware Store as at 31 Dec 2016. This is a sole trader.

* Capital as on 1 Jan 2016 $47,600, profit for the year 31 Dec 2016 $8000, freehold premises at net book value at 31st dec 2016 $9000, fixtures and fitting at net book value on 31st dec 2016 $8000, long-term loan (mortgage) $25000, bank overdraft $2000, goods help in inventory for resale $16000, receivables $500, cash in hand $100, payables $1200, taxation payable $3500, drawings $4000, accrued cost of rent $600, prepayment of insurance $300.

Problem Faced By Students In Finance Assignment

Finance separates from the general commerce subjects at the graduation level but it takes its true form at the post-graduate level, where it becomes a vast subject on its own, unlike most management subjects that commerce student come across. This new avatar of finance is all but new to them, here new concepts like the future value of money come in with all the formulas. The concepts like ratio analysis can create a lot of problem for the student because it reminds the students of algebra (not literally) because of the number of qualitative formulas you have to memorise. And you also have to be aware of the right usage of formulas and the combination of them to obtain another formula.

The theory is not easy either, there are numerous concepts, many quite similar and yet distinct, students can easily get confused and end up with a wrong answer in their assignments, not to mention the deadline of the assignments that they have to meet. We at EssayCorp provide finance assignment help at a very affordable rate without compromising the quality of the content.

Types of Finance:

Financial studies are divided into various sub-groups which students have to study during their finance-related education.
These finance categories include:

  1. Corporate finance - It basically deals with the financial processes of a firm in a short term or a long term. Capital structure, funding, and financial resources, etc. are part of this category.
  2. Personal finance – The financial decisions at the individual level are part of personal finance. It comprises of activities like mortgage, loan, savings, taxation, and insurance, etc.
  3. International finance – Financial elements and activities that impact international trade come under this category. Foreign investments and exchange rates are part of this category.
  4. Public Finance - It deals with revenue generated by the government and expenditure by the government.
  5. Behavioural finance – A modern field of economics that deals with the theories that are psychology based to understand the stock market and its anomalies. Also, the behaviours of consumers, traders, and investors, etc. are analysed in this study.
At Affordable Price Get Finance Assignment Help

If you pay high, then you will get the best quality. Well, this is neither our policy nor our approach. Keeping the fact in mind that our service is for students, we cater all their needs at affordable prices, without compromising the quality. Our experts who dedicatedly perform each and every task ensure to deliver high quality without any single flaw. This improves the chances of achieving good marks in the assignment.
Our objective is very simple and that is to alleviate the stress of the students by simply fulfilling their requirements in time and at the best price. We support our students in every possible circumstance. Our finance tutors give their best, but still, in case you do not get satisfied, then we provide free work revisions. So, all in all, you need not pay extra for rework.

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All our experts are highly qualified market professionals – holding Master’s degree in finance and doctorate in the same. They have years of experience in providing every level of academic help in finance, then be it basic, intermediate or advanced, providing help to thousands of students across the globe.

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