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It is an organised methodology for developing long-term plans to direct the organisation over a given span of time, which can range from one to several years. Inclusive strategic planning needs more time, money, and skills. The necessary concepts in strategic planning can be used over time to achieve strategic planning without the necessity for huge amount of resources which are needed over a short period of time. Various corporate examination methods can be used in strategic planning, including EPISTEL (Technological, Political, Social, Environment, Economic, Legal and Informatics), SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), and STEER analysis (Technological, Ecological, Socio-cultural, Regulatory factors and Economic) PEST analysis (Social, Economic, Technological and Political), etc.

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Concepts And Approaches In Strategic Planning

A brief description of the various tools used in the strategic planning and which are described in our strategy and planning assignment help

PESTEL Analysis

It is one of the important tools used by marketing managers to analyse the business environment before the launch of the new product. This method of analysis helps the SWOT analysis to determine the strength and the weakness of the business. PESTEL stands for political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal. This tool helps the organisation to assess the macroeconomic factors that affect its business. This is a very important strategic tool and to know more about this tool with the help of hundreds of case study, seek our strategy and planning assignment help.

strategy and planning assignment help
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis

When this concept was first coined, it was intended for the purpose of analysing the reason behind the failure of corporate planning. With the help of SWOT analysis, the manager can discover some very significant information about the business; like the opportunity and the threat that the business faces, it also helps the business identify its strength and weakness. The acronym of SWOT stands for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat. To learn more about SWOT, take the assistance of our strategy and planning assignment help, in our assignment help you will learn why SWOT is meaningless if it is the only strategic tool used.

List of Strategy and Planning Assignment Related Topics

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