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    Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Assignment Help

    Help For your SPSS Assignment To make analysis easier by extracting data properly, one of the constructive tool comes into the existence named as SPSS. Students use this software while performing statistical calculations and data analysis. But sometimes it becomes difficult for them to solve all statistical computational problems with SPSS, hence they start wandering here & there to find a reliable source. To come up with optimized solutions and desired  results,EssayCorp comes at the front.

    Overview of SPSS

    Statistical Package for the Social Sciences:SPSS is a software package that is used for statistical analysis, data mining and decision support. It is one of the most popular statistical packages which perform highly complex data analysis and manipulation with simple instructions. With its help one can accomplish the most basic data analysis through dialog boxes and menus. It can take data from almost every type of file and use them to generate charts, tabulated reports, descriptive statistics, plots of distributions and trends. The purpose of this program is to convert the raw data into meaningful information in order to support in decision making. It consists of a visual basic editor, complex set of data to perform aggregations.

    What other functions SPSS do for you?

    Along with data analysis and data mining, it solves arithmetic operations too. Most of the statistical computations include arithmetic operations  that are also calculated by this program. For example:  computation of a common statistics such as the standard deviation is solved in mentioned below steps:

    • Find the number of cases
    • Calculate the sum of all observed values
    • Divide the computed sum by the number of cases, which results out as the mean
    • For each case, compute the observed value and subtract the mean
    • Evaluate the squares of these differences
    • Assess the sum of all squares
    • Derive this sum by the number of observations and subtract it by 1 and
    • Find the root of the division result.

    This is the way SPSS can solve the normal arithmetic question just with no time.

    Features and Benefits of SPSS

    • It makes the data-calculations easy.
    • Provides in-depth statistical capabilities
    • It offers a wide range of graphs, charts and methods
    • It manages data effectively
    • It keeps the result file separately from data
    • It is featured with various menus and controls
      Look at the SPSS Statistics Index
    • Make an SPSS Frequency Table, Bar Chart, Histogram, Pie chart  & Crosstabs
    • Find the Interquartile Range in SPSS
    • Calculate the Pearson Correlation Coefficient
    • Find the Standard Deviation
    • Perform a Chi-Square Test
    • Make an SPSS Box Plot and Scatter Plot
    • Perform an Independent Samples Tests
    • Find SPSS Mean, Mode, Median  & Standard Devitation
    • Find the SPSS Five Number Summary  

    EssayCorp delivers the best help through our SPSS Experts

    To fulfill the desire of scoring well in SPSS assignment & homework,  we provide the most constructive help through our experts who have completed more than thousands of SPSS projects successfully.  It is our promise that whenever you choose our experts for your assignments, you will not get a complaint regarding  quality work, deadline and even plagiarism. Well, it is the result of years of experience of working in the field of statistics using different software programs and having worked on various statistical tests and models. They are not just experienced in doing projects, but they are also updated with new amendments in SPSS program. The students who have taken help  via our experts in the past have always wondered why  they had not contacted EssayCorp before. You must be thinking what is so different from other sources, for that you need to look at our features of experts. What our Experts do for you?

    • Our professionals take each and every assignment as an important consideration.
    • They start the project after understanding and discussing the requirements clearly.
    • Along with theoretical explanations, they are skilled enough in doing the practical part too.
    • Including title page, they end the assignment with proper referencing.
    • In case students raise any type of amendments, then our experts are ready to do so without any hassle.

    Thus, all our experts always tend to deliver their best to make your assignment no.1. List of topics you can choose for help by our professionals

    Analysis of Variance Chi-square test Correlation Factor Analysis
    Regression Analysis Student’s t-test Time-series analysis Mann-Whitney U
    Mean Square weighted Deviation Data Management Elements of Research Design  Hypotheses and Theories
    Manipulating and Merging Datasets SPSS Neural Networks  SPSS Forecasting  Multivariate Regression Analysis
    SPSS Visualization Designer Advanced Quantitative Method Longitudinal Data Analysis Discriminant Function Analysis

    Well, this is just a snapshot for you. Our experts are competent in providing help in all topics that come under statistics/ SPSS. You can even check subject samples that are done by them. What we deliver to our students?

    • We provide quality work on due deadline
    • Also provide free amendments
    • Deliver urgent assignments efficiently
    • 100% confidentiality
    • Pocket friendly online assignment help
    • Attach “Turnitin” report with the assignment
    • Offers amazing discounts and deals  

    Till yet so any students have already hired us and obtained good results. We wish every student to achieve perfect grades in every SPSS assignment. If you also desire to get respectable grades, then send your assignment details along with mentioning preferred deadlines. You can join our 24*7 live chat to ask every possible query that hits to your mind.

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