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Software engineering is a branch that deals with the development of software. Students face several issues when they start doing their software engineering assignment. Be it to make projects on it or to complete the theoretical questions, this subject really needs attention. It has been found that students get stuck when they study difficult topics like various models on SDLC and SDLC categorization. When it comes to implementing such theories, they start treating it as a hefty burden which results as a big failure in accomplishing the task. But with the best solution to such issues, one of the most reliable software engineering assignment help providers, EssayCorp comes up on the front. With just one click students can get the best software engineering assignment help.

software engineering assignment help

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Introduction to Software Engineering

When we talk about IT or CS, it comprises of myriad technical subjects which make the students understand the fundamentals and practical on technologies and software engineering is one of them. Software engineering is a subject which describes the formal structure of developing the software by following the certain steps which are commonly known as "SDLC - Software Development Life Cycle". Its definition states that it is the application of a systematic approach to the development of the software which follows the life cycle. We provide you with the best software engineering assignment help in a certain time frame. Our writers are very adept and they can provide the assignment as per your specifications.

Disciplines of Software Engineering

Software engineering is divided into several sub disciplines like software testing, software design, software requirements, software construction, etc. Some of them are discussed briefly in the excerpt below.

  • Software testing - Developing bug free software is a difficult task. It includes quality testing that is based on the empirical analysis of data. These tests provide the stakeholders with the information on the quality of the software.
  • Software design - It includes the designing aspect of the software. It includes UX and UI for the development team. The process of software design includes components, architecture, and design of the software.
  • Requirement engineering - It concerns with the requirement of the users. It includes specification, analysis, elicitation, and validation. There is more information on these topics provided in our software engineering assignment help.
  • Software maintenance - Maintenance team carries out the software maintenance process. Get a deeper insight of all the discipline with our software engineering assignment help.

Get in touch with our software engineering assignment help for the detailed discussion of the all phases of software development life cycle model.

disciplines of software engineering
Software Development Life Cycle

Software engineering Life Cycle Model (SDLC) is a detailed process or step by step process to develop, maintain and amend the software. Our software engineering assignment help experts explain the various stages of the software development life cycle.

  1. Requirement analysis - It is the basic and the first stage in the SDLC. It focuses on the requirements of the customers through market surveys by the senior members of the team.
  2. Design - The next step after requirement analysis is designing. In this phase, developers design the software and it includes the creation of UML diagrams.
  3. Implementation - The next phase after designing is implementation or development phase. The actual code gets written in this phase. Unit testing is also performed in this phase.
  4. Testing - The last phase of the software development life cycle before it is delivered to the customers is testing phase.
  5. Deployment and maintenance - Once the code is tested and verified, it is ready to go live. And there is a special maintenance team to look after the post production issues.

Software Development Life Cycle Models

There are various software development life cycle models. Each model is unique and follows some steps for the successful completion of a project. Try our software engineering assignment questions and answers to get detailed knowledge. Some of the popular software development life cycle models are:

  1. Waterfall model - The waterfall model was the first model. It is a sequential step by step process which looks like flowing downwards like a waterfall. In this model, the next phase begins after the completion of the previous phase, that is, the output of one phase is the input of another phase.
  2. Iterative model - This model does not start with the complete specification of requirements. It starts with just one part of the software and then continues with further requirements. At each step, modifications are made and new features get added.
  3. Spiral model - Spiral model combines the specifications of the iterative model and waterfall model. It provides more refinement through each iteration. In this model, a software has to pass through four phases called spirals. The four phases are identification, design, construct, and risk analysis.
  4. V-shaped model - This model is also known as verification and validation model. This is an extension of the waterfall model. In this model, testing phase is associated with every phase of the development cycle. There is a verification phase on the one side and validation phase on the other side.
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