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In this paper, I took Nuclear and science technology in Australia. This organization is considered as a care taker of overall landmark infrastructure in Australia. The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology which is commonly known as ANSTO is making use of nuclear science to help people, environment and the industry. During April 15, 1953, Australia enrolled into the nuclear science field (Fox, 2010). At that time the Atomic Energy Act came into existence. In the past 50 years of lifetime the researchers mainly worked for the first nuclear research reactor in Australia. This reactor helps to create millions and millions of radiopharmaceuticals. These radiopharmaceuticals were utilized for nuclear medicine. The nuclear medicine offered by this reactor has saved a generation of Australians. It is also used for building the houses. They structured Australian's first reactor namely HIFAR .It was the one among the 70 reactors all over the world which has the capability to provide more medical radioisotopes than the needed. The usage of HIFAR helps to produce more number of radio isotopes for medical functions and also for the industries. It offers silicon transformation doping for the semiconductor company (Fox, 2010). They offer Delayed Neutron analysis and Neutron Activation Analysis for forensic determination and also for mining industry. The manufacture of gamma rays is used as resources for the sterilization use, organizations and cancer therapy. The Neutron diffraction analysis is utilized for the research of matter. Hence the HIFAR research reactor (James et al., 2005) has functioned reliably and safely for more than 50 years.

The main objective of the HIFAR is to provide neutrons for scientific purpose and for the manufacture of nuclear medicine. HIFAR initiated the technique called fission to provide the neutrons. The process is dividing the huge atom of uranium into small neutrons. Moreover the fission takes place when heavy nucleus takes in neutrons and divides. The left over neutrons produced at the time of fission process were utilized to hold the fission process still moving (James et al., 2005). The HIFAR offers billions of neutrons every second at the time of rated power. The elements used in the reactor take most of the neutrons inside. So it is the necessity of the reactor to produce more neutrons to serve its function.

The products and services offered by the ANSTO are ANSTO health, ANSTO minerals, Silicon irradiation services, radiation services, ANSTO synro, Activity standards laboratory, Neutron Activation analysis, dosimeter services and Gamma irradiation ANSTO helps to find answers in environmental science and health. It is the centre to Australia's nuclear medicine production capabilities (Sundaram, 2011). Each week it manufactures lifesaving nuclear medicines. They have big collaborations with other organizations as well as Australian scientists. It has a successful history in applied research. As a commercial partner it supports other Australian organizations and businesses .It provides valuable advice to the government of Australia and directs on all issues related to technology, nuclear science and engineering.

The mission and vision of ANTSO is to offer perfection in the change, seeking and insight through our people, nuclear expertise and partnerships in Australia. Based on the ANSTO Act 1987 the core operations of the organizations are to perform research and development with respect to the nuclear science and technology. To produce and utilize the isotopic techniques, radio isotopes and nuclear radiation for the fields of science, medicine, science, commerce, agriculture and commerce (Creagh et al., 2016). It helps to strengthen and promote the application from research and development reports. It helps to control the radioactive wastes and materials origin from different activities. It helps to produce goods and services relevant to the core activities. The organization offers advice to the government and launch international communication related to nuclear components. It makes all the equipment’s, expertise and facilities available for the analysis in nuclear science and technology. It distributes the technical and scientific documents, papers and periodicals (Sundaram, 2011).

The core functions are the primary components regarding the working nature and relationship among each other in the organization. The ANSTO has six core functions which help to bring success to the organization (Sundaram, 2011). They are curiosity, Leadership, Excellency, Team work, safety, secureness, sustainability and Trust and respect.

The key challenges faced by the ANTSO in the organization are the usability studies disclose the problems with how products display themselves to the users. There is no secrecy maintenance of the information in the organization (Sundaram, 2011). There is no independent assistance and assurance to the organization on ANSTO's control, compliance infrastructure, and control finance responsibilities. Hence it causes the issue in product behavior and product workflow.


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