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Write  Literature paper on the influence of prior relationship on perceptions of stalking and responsibility


The influence of prior relationship on perceptions of stalking and responsibility

Stalking poses as a serious threat on the target and is considered to be a major criminal offense. This study seeks to explain the relationship between the stalker and the target as well as the response of the male and female targets to a scenario of heterosexual stalking. Studies suggest that the targets are less likely to response or be frightened when stalked by an expartner or known person than by a stranger. In the words of Hills & Taplin (1998), there are more chances of the female targets to call the police in both the situations. The male targets are observed to call the police only in case of extreme threat. The overall response concluded that stalking is taken as a serious issue by the targets. 

According to Dennison & Thomson (2000), the belief of the community in context of stalking patterns and the impact of the same on the target reflected that the relationship existing between the stalker and the target did not impact the behavior of the stalker. The people rather analyzed the actions of the stalker to draw a conclusion about the proximity of stalking such as following the target, telephoning etc. The level of relationship existing between the stalker and the target can be divided into three categories being acquaintances, strangers or ex-partners. In the words of Sheridan et al. (2003), the victim is responsible to a huge extent about the implications when the stalker is an ex-partner or an acquaintance. As said by Philips et al. (2004), the investigation of police is assumed to be more necessary if the stalking is done by a stranger.

As stated by Kinkade et al. (2005), the female victims have high chances of facing an injury when the stalker is a male. This may not be the case when the scenario is vice-versa. The male victims pose a higher responsibility for stalking as well as higher power to control the circumstances. The response of the targets in context of the stalking confronted varies extensively. However, the factors that have an impact on the response of the targets are yet to be known. 

As opinioned by Cass (2011), the behaviors of the stalkers turn out to be more serious when the target is unknown of the where-about of the stalkers. The different situations influence the perception and response of the targets such as the risk involved and the chances of violence. The proximity of the college students to be the target of the stalkers is considerably higher. In the words of Scott et al. (2013), the degree of threat that the stalker poses depends on the level of relationship with the target. However, the stalking by strangers or by acquaintances is taken more seriously into consideration than by the ex-partners. Here, the behavior of the ex-partners is assumed to be an attempt to reconcile rather than stalk. The most common misconception lies in the belief that the strangers pose maximum threat than the others. However, the intervention of police is required in all cases.



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