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Write an essay in which you identify the main conclusion and premise(s) of the argument as well as any and all of the subordinate conclusions and premises, as well as any that may be unstated and any presuppositions necessary to the argument(s).


The argument put forward by William Paley is sophisticated and focuses on the intelligence of design without challenging the analogy between world and artefacts. In this argument, he established a connection between the universe and the world and mentioned that seeing a watch it can be presumed that it has a creator as different parts have been integrated to work together to keep time. As per the suggestion provided by this argument, the universe has it life and clear just because it has been created by an intelligent designer who used his intelligence and knowledge to integrate different parts to make the things work.

According to Paley, there are two features which bestow the watch with material complexity. The first feature is that it is designed to perform a specific function which is to keep time. The second feature is that all the arts within the watch have special size and precision for which it is working. Of the size and precision were different then the watch would not function. These two features indicate that some intelligent agents have designed the watch to keep time. Linking this with nature, Palley upheld that the objects of nature, though they are different from the man-made objects, but still they indicate intelligent design and material complexity. He wanted to prove that there are some intelligent designer who has created us through the application of design and intelligence and thus supporting the existence of God. Thus, this argument consider universe to be a complex and large artefact of intelligent design. After evaluating the argument put forward by William Palley about the connection between the Universe and watch, it can be concluded that to some extent the argument is appropriate. However, one aspect that raises my confusion is that there are is stark difference between the man-made things and the objects of universe. The most important thing to be noted is that there several things in the nature that are present without any purpose or to harm the other creation. For instance, here are several bacteria and insects that have in positive effects but result in already adverse. According to my understanding, the concept of material complexity and intelligent design is not supporting this irrelevant creation of nature. Furthermore, the existence of evil and suffering also create my doubt for the argument that has been put forward by Paley as well as on the existence of God. 

The present argument of William Paley can be re-constructed with more sophisticated strategy for the purpose of identifying the proof of design within the world. The new reconstructed version includes the identification of the property which is considered to be the reliable index of design. It is significant to note that there are several things and features in the world that shows property. The arguments on the existence of the God are a board aspect. There are several things in the world that provide God do exist. But the miseries and suffering and some scientific reason such as Darwin’s expansion of development of species often rejects the presence of God.


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