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What are some signs that indicate an individual is being bullied ?Please provide a reference at the end of the essay.Attached the essay rubric as well. APA Style with reference.



Bullying refers to the aggressive and unwanted behaviour among school going children that originates from perceived or real power imbalance. In other words, bullying takes place when a children or a group of children intentionally abuse individual powers to hurt or oppress another one on a repetitive basis. The key problem associated with this type of child behaviour is that bullying can take place on repeated basis and can cause serious harm to children. Studies indicate that one out of every five children has the possibility of getting bullied.

Type of bullying:

In the view of Kim et al. (2011), stated that bullying can be basically classified into Physical bullying, Verbal bullying, social bullying, Psychological bullying and Cyber bullying. These are discussed below:

Physical bullying:

Physical bullying involves physical actions like pushing, hitting or tripping with an intention to hurt others.

Verbal bullying:

Verbal bullying consists of use of abusive or negative words with an intention to insult or upset someone. This can include name calling, racist slurs, slang words and similar others.

Social bullying:

Mimicry, rumour spreading, lies and nasty pranks are the leading examples of social bullying.

Psychological bullying:

Psychological bullying includes involves intentional use of such words or body language that can hurt the emotions and sentiments of others.

Cyber bullying:

Cyber bullying is one of the most critical of all types of bullying as it is the intentional use of cyber technology to physically, psychology or socially bully others.

Symptoms of bullying:

In the view of Lester et al. (2012), kids who are victim of bullying in early school days are likely to have nine times more thoughts on suicidal attempts and are more prone to depression. On the other hand, girls who suffer bullying at an early age are most likely to remain as a victim for the later part of the life. In addition, children who are victim of bullying often suffer from psychological problems during adolescence period. Therefore, it is highly important for parent to identify bullying behaviour among the children and get the same treated through qualified psychiatrists.

There are various symptoms that indicate that a person is being bullied by others some of which are mentioned below:

Physical injury
Poor academic results
Unwillingness to go to school
Talk and attitude of hating schools
Bed wetting
Avoiding discussion related to school activities

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