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Alone on Island

Left stranded on an island all alone is undoubtedly heart wrenching, but if you plan everything in advance then you can have a comfortable time, even at an isolated place. Yes, I always fantasise to live alone on an island just for fun and to keep myself away from hustlebustle of city life (Billmcdonaldonline.com, 2016). Wouldn’t be great to live a nomadic life for at least a few days amidst only natural resources?

If anytime I would get a chance to stay alone in isolation on an island, I make sure that those few days would be memorable for me. I would first make arrangements for my food and water. Of course, plenty of water is available on the beach that I can manage to drink, but for eating I will pack some fruits and raw vegetables with me. Nuts also would be great option to munch when sitting idle (Krishnan, 2016).

Next I will create a shelter for myself to be safe from insects and of course unwanted animals. I will break down few sticks with thick leaves from the trees and make a small shelter. Around my shelter I will put some easily visible signs, in case I get lost and a rescue team comes to search me (Krishnan, 2016). That’s really essential!

Now, I would make some fire for keeping myself cosy in open sky and of course to cook food. Obviously, I cannot live on raw food for long. Once all my arrangements would be done, I will take a walk on the island to get familiar with the surroundings. I will also take a stroll slightly inside the forest on the island, but won’t go much deeper as there would be risk of wild animals (Billmcdonaldonline.com, 2016).

In spite of all challenges, I really wish I can live this experience once in my lifetime.

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