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Create a comprehensive plan for the project. Complete a Stakeholder Register. Once you've identified your stakeholders on the Stakeholders Register, document their communications needs on the Project Communications matrix. Project charter is attached for your reference


Comprehensive plan for the project

Implementing a Voice Transcription System to Radiology Department involves a comprehensive plan that involves few steps:

Department of radiology transcription is responsible for planning and upgrading the


transcription that should include software deployment and hardware infrastructure

A team should be form that transit the radiology project and information system

Test plans should be created about system upgrades

All internal aspects like planning with vendor, training, improvement request, deployment, testing and defect reporting should be initiated.

Deploying voice recognition system and ensuring all timely reports are received that match with return on investment

Creating and maintaining project management documentation for promoting communication, timelines and budget constraints could be mitigated.

Employees improvement program should be initiated through training and staff performance measures should be taken.

Project manager should analyze the total cost involved in implementing this project successfully

Stakeholders should communicate with their team and other departments about examining cost saving measures.

Stakeholders should manage the technical documentation for providing training material and work with managers in order to roll out the user proficiency testing

Staff members should be mentored so that they could become more technically adapted and work towards improving their ability to communicate with clinical system.

Integrated servers should be installed that provide emergency transfers in the hospitals

Communication needs of the stakeholders should be analyzed and strategies should be formulated for resolving the issues faced by stakeholders (Antiles, Couris, Schweitzer, Rosenthal and Silva 2000)

A proper channel of communication should be followed, so that time could be properly utilized.


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