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The project Manager decides to hire you as a consultant to help develop the project further.What advice would you provide the PM in determining the Early Start/Free Slack (ES/FS) for an activity with two predecessors?Draw a Gantt chart for the project and superimpose the slack on the chart?


1. What advice would you provide the PM in determining the Early Start/Free Slack (ES/FS) for an activity with two predecessors?

The earliest start time of the activities having two predecessors is equal to the earliest finish time of 2 predecessors, as it’s required by project manager that both the predecessors should be completed for the task to start. The later finish time of the activities having two successors is equal to the smallest latest start time of the 2 successors. It is advisable to project manager that if the larger is used, and then in that case, the preceding task could be permitted for finishing after the latest start time of all the other successors.

2. What advice will you provide the PM in order to manage the critical path tasks differently than non-critical path tasks?

As per the definition, critical tasks are the ones that if they get delayed then the completion of complete project might also get delayed. Therefore, these tasks need to be properly managed as compared to non-critical tasks. In case, where the time of activity are not defined with certainty, then in that case that task is assumed to be critical in the starting of the project, and it might turn out not to be very critical. Therefore, in case when the task time is not certain, then in that case, all tasks that might be reasonably delay the completion of project should be managed with extra care.

6. What is the next step the team members must take in order to complete their project.?

Every member of the project team is required to prepare the final action plan that should include details about dates and resources. It is required that team should determine the predecessors from the outside the particular plan, which could link to their plans. For instance, if a step failed to get complete on the project marketing phase, until the legal steps has finished the steps in project plan. This should be noted in the action plan (Aud and Rantz 2005). This will also enable the project manager to complete overall integrated action plan of project that should be tied with budget, monitoring, and controlling of project.

Case Study Analysis


Goals and objectives of analysis

This case is based on Dubai Medical Center Assisted Living Facility. The goal of this research is to determine how the medical center is offering supportive services to the aging population. As Dubai Medical Center Assisted Living Facility differ in size, configuration, amenities, care philosophy, and staffing level, how their characteristics impact the supportive service provision. The question that arises is that how Dubai Medical Center Assisted Living Facility interprets their medical acre philosophy related to aging in place (Barton 1997). It also stress over approaches and how the same could interpret their role for offering assistance is the significant topic mainly in Dubai aging society. It also aims towards exploring the factors that create influence on the capacity of Dubai Medical Center Assisted Living Facility managers to permit the residents to age in that place. The case also aims to explore the questions through examining the meals, personal services, facility policies, social interaction as well as physical characteristics of the Medical center (Barton 1997).

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