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Write and answer regarding the following question: Discuss and critique the two main planning methodologies (Population and Institutional) that can be used in developing a health services plan.




Health has been considered as an important fundamental right of human being. The governments of every country are striving to maintain a healthy country through an expanded health care service plan in a community. Health has become a major concern in both developing and developed countries and their goal is to reach the whole population or public with a quality health services that is secure and feasible or acceptable for all, stated by WHO (World Health organization) as “Health for all by 2020”

Delivery of health care Services:

The care services are provided to meet the health care needs of the public with the resources available and the knowledge of implantation of health care services. The health service plan is based upon the government management sector and the institution providing the health care services. The two important criteria of delivering health services should meet the following.

  1. Primary health care(Primary health center),
  2. Secondary health care (Sub district hospital and referral units),
  3. Tertiary health plan (by specialty hospitals, Medical colleges etc.,)

This how the health services plan is implemented by population based and as well institutional based.

Population based health care Planning Methodology:

 Population based health care planning can be defines as the assessment of the health care needs of a particular group or population and then analyzing the health needs and make decisions for the whole number of population than an individual.

The health care needs can be assessed by the practitioner by using a similar instruction or treatment planning for any particular disease, injury, illness. This is called as population based health planning. The population based care can provide health care to larger number of people and is more effective than the individual centered .Most of the countries were the population is more than the health care practioner the population based planning will be an effective one.

Reason for population based health care planning:

Elimination of inequalities among the public:

Everyone likes to be treated in an equal manner or given equal respect in a community despite of the race or ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and Location. Population based health care enables the practioner to deliver a quality and equal care for all the population.

Empowering the Group:

Through this strategy of population based health services the health care team of doctors; nurses can train and empower the whole population on a specific disease conditions. This can be done by creating awareness through workshops, posters, printed materials and promote health care. The empowerment includes the three common preventive measures of community health care.

Preventative Measures For Populations Based Health Planning:

The three levels of prevention is one of the focused population based health care methodology. The health care workers work based upon this concepts and strategies.

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