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    Operation Research Assignment Help

    Sometimes it gets difficult for management students to cope up with various managerial subjects and so with engineering ones. There are several common subjects which are the part of both the fields and one of them is "Operations Research". It is an exciting subject of industrial engineering that drives a combination of

    • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Computer Science
    • Physics
    • Engineering
    • Economics and Social Sciences

    to solve real world business problems. There are thousands of organizations that require this analytical method to solve real world problems. To understand its importance, this subject has been introduced in the academics, but it has been noticed that students find problems while doing operation research assignments. But for those students we bring out the best help for their difficult projects and assignments.But before that let's do a short tour of the subject.

    What is Operations Research?

    Operations Research is a mathematical analysis that is used to take the managerial decisions. It includes mathematical logic, simulation, network analysis, queuing theory and game theory. Further, its history states that the term 'operational analysis'was originated in England during World War-2. At that time, this strategy was widely applied to problems in business and society. Since that time this effective strategy of research has expanded into a widely used in industries ranging from petrochemicals to airlines, finance, logistics to the development of mathematical models that can be used to analyze and optimize complex systems and has become an area of active form of industrial research.

    The Operations Research Approach

    O.R. represents an integrated framework that helps in making the decisions. It is imperative to study its framework importance and clear understanding so that it can be applied to a general problem. This approach actually consists of the following seven sequential steps:

    • Orientation
    • Problem Definition
    • Data Collection
    • Model Formulation
    • Solution
    • Model Validation and Output Analysis
    • Implementation and Monitoring

    All These Steps Are Combined Together To Perform This Mechanism. Operation Research Assignment Help

    Orientation:The first step in the O.R. approach is referred to as problem orientation. The ruling aim of this step is to  identify the problem, where it actually lies. It comprises of a team that actually identifies the problem and make sure that all members know each and every issue.

    Problem Definition:This is the second, and  the most difficult step of the O.R. approach. The reason behind its difficulty is that it is actually a refinement of the orientation step. After identifying the problem, this step aims at to find out detailed issue or a clear definition of the problem in terms of its root cause and the results desired. There is a difference between both the steps as the previous is just the identification and the second step is completely in a detailed version.

    Data Collection:In the third step of the O.R. process, the data is collected  to resolve the issue with the real solution. Data typically comes from two sources - Observation and Standards.The first corresponds to the case where data are actually collected by observing the system in operation and typically, this data tends to derive from the technology of the system.

    Model Formulation:This is the fourth phase of the O.R. process. It is also an important phase that grabs the attention because of model formulation. Here model is defined as the characteristic of all operation research projects. On the basis of data collection, the model is formulated, as it is nothing else just a selective abstraction of reality.

    At a glance, the models are broadly divided into four types:

    • Physical Models
    • Analogic Models
    • Computer Simulation Models
    • Mathematical Models

    Model Solution:The fifth phase of the O.R. process is the solution of the problem represented by the model. This is the area on which a huge amount of research and development in O.R. has been focused, and there is a plenty of methods for analyzing a wide range of models. As it consists multitude of models therefore, it is impossible to get into details of these various techniques in a single model.

    Validation and Analysis:There are two important things that need to be done after finding the solution and making its action. The first is Validation - it is defined as to verify the solution whether it itself makes sense or not.  The second action is Analysis that suggests the "What-If" condition. The process of ensuring that the model is an accurate representation of the system is called validation, and this is something that (whenever possible) should be done before actual solution.

    Implementation and Monitoring:The last step in the O.R. process is to implement the final recommendation and establish control over it. Implementation entails the constitution of a team whose leadership will consist of some of the members on the original O.R. team. This team is typically responsible for the development of operating procedures or manuals and a time-table for putting the plan into effect. Once implementation is complete, responsibility for monitoring the system is usually turned over to an operating team. And this all concludes an approach of Operation Research.

    You Can Get Your O.R Assignment Done By Our Professionals

    O.R. is not a simple subject, it consists of a wide range of topics that are difficult to do in a one attempt. Thus, in such scenario, a reliable and affordable help comes in your way, named as EssayCorp

    At EssayCorp, you can be relieved from your assignment work because to deal with you O.R. assignment, we have a team of O.R. experts who are clear with each and every terminology of the subject. They are even skilled in performing the practical calculations of numerical questions. Here are the list of topics discussed for which you can ask for help with these experts.

    Complex Topics for Operational Research Assignment Help

    Systems and Systems Engineering Operations strategy and management Process Flow and Process Flow Measures Medical Informatics
    USAID Flowchart Flow-Time Analysis Value Stream Mapping. Processes and Flow-Time
    Engaging physicians in flow Managing Flow Variability Simulation Time Series Forecasting
    Flow rate and capacity analysis OR Queueing Hardwiring for flow Linear Programming
    Visualizing Process Outcome Data Inventory Management Time Stamp Data as a Strategic Resource
    Care Process Flow Statistical Process Control Research Simulation Model Stochastic Calculus Financial Engineering

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    What Other Features You Can Look For?

    To help out the struggling students, we bring out the professional operational research assignment help with the most amazing features. Our priority is to make our students happy and satisfied with our work. As solving the questions of these topics is not a cakewalk, it actually demands for the dedicated efforts and complete focus and that what we have. Understanding the importance of deadline and quality, we always keep an alarm in mind. Our professionals who are experienced in dealing O.R. assignments successfully encounter the work requirements and deliver on time. Covering all main concerns, we also ensure the complete confidentiality of yours, neither disclosure of your assignment nor your personal details. Thus, you are at a safe place in all the terms and this is the reason why our clientele has been expanding over the years. So students, if you have any problem related to this subject, you can contact essaycorp.com at any time because we are at your service all round the clock. We are waiting for your requirements,don't get late.

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