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Operation research can be defined as the technique of problem-solving and to improve decision making. The tools for operation researchers include statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and mathematical optimization with the aim to optimize efficiency and performance. It analyzes the maxima of beneficial things and minima of damaging things. There are thousands of organizations that require an analytical method to solve real-world problems. To understand its importance, this subject has been introduced in the academics, but it has been noticed that the students face a lot of problems while doing operation research assignments. EssayCorp brings the most reliable operation research assignment help to all the students who seek for genuine assistance.

Brief Explanation of Operation Research Assignment Help Topics

Here is a brief explanation of the topics that are included in operation research assignment

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An operation research is sometimes known as OR, management science, and industrial engineering that is used to take managerial decisions. It uses advanced analytical techniques to improve decision making. It also includes simulation, mathematical logic, network analysis, and queuing theory. Further, its history states that the term "operational analysis" was originated in England during World War II. At that time, it was applied to business problems and since then it has expanded into various industries ranging from airlines to petrochemicals and finance to logistics.

operation research assignment help
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The Operation Research Approach

Operation research represents an integrated architecture that helps in making the decisions. It is imperative to study its framework and have a clear understanding as it can be applied to a general problem. The main purpose of operation research is to abstract the necessary elements of the problem into a model, which is later analyzed into an optimal solution. Mostly, industrial engineers encounter operational problems and various operation research techniques help them by providing a solution for implementation.

Operation Research Steps Covered by Our Operation Research Assignment Help Experts :
  1. Orientation: Orientation or problem orientation is the first step in the operation research approach. The aim of orientation is to identify where the problem actually lies and make sure that all members know each and every issue.
  2. Problem definition: It is the most difficult step of operation research approach. The reason behind its difficulty is, it is actually a refinement of the orientation step. After identifying the problem, this step aims to find out a detailed issue of the problem, its root cause, and the desired results. There is a difference between both the steps as the previous is just the identification and the second step is completely in a detailed version.
  3. Data collection: In the third step, data is collected to resolve the issue with real solutions. The two sources of data are observation and standards. In case of observation, data actually get collected by observing the system and the later tends to derive from the technology of the system.
  4. Model formulation: It is also an important phase. Here the model is defined as the characteristic of all operation research projects. On the basis of data collection, the model is formulated, as it is nothing else just a selective abstraction of reality. The models are classified into four types: Physical model, Analogic model, Computer simulation model, Mathematical model
  5. Model solution: It is related to the huge amount of research and development in operation research. It offers plenty of methods for analyzing various models.
  6. Model Validation and Output Analysis: There are two important things that need to be done after finding the solution and making its action. The first is validation, it is defined as to verify the solution, whether it make sense or not. The second is analysis to suggest "what-if" condition.
  7. Implementation and Monitoring: Implementing the final recommendation and establishing control over it is the last step in operation research process. The process of implementation consists of a team who are responsible for the development of operating manuals and a schedule for putting the plan into effect. After the implementation is complete, responsibility for monitoring the system turned over to operating team.
Software Covered By Our Operation Research Assignment Experts
  • COIN-OR: It is popularly known as computational infrastructure for operation research that is used to produce numerical results from computational studies. The software also includes various projects that are used as a commercial problem solver and able to tackle problems on a large scale.
  • Gnumeric: Gnumeric is a highly advanced spreadsheet program that is used to analyze and manipulate numeric data. Moreover, it also helps the user to keep a track of the information and execute difficult calculation by defining each step.
  • GLPK: It is mainly open source software, which is a large-scale linear programming solver specially designed for operation research purposes. It is a linear programming kit that supports GNU MathProg modeling language.
  • GOBLIN: It is a graph object library for network programming problems that involves a C# library for the optimization of graphs. Apart from this, it also helps in enhancing graph browser and editor.
  • OpenForecast: OpenForecast is special package software that is used to forecast model intended for use in applications. However, it doesn’t have its own user interface, which makes it difficult to show the screenshots in action.
  • FLOPC++: It is a specialized algebraic modeling language that is used to modeled linear optimization problems in a more declarative style. It is a part of COIN-OR that uses its own open solver interface.
  • Zimpl: It is a simple language that is used to translate mathematical model of a problem into a mixed mathematical programme. It usually denotes the integer mathematical programme in .IP and .MPS file format that can be read and solved easily.

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