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Network Security Assignment Help by EssayCorp is the most reliable name in the field of assignment help service providers. There are certain topics that built the foundation of network security, for example; security threats, network-based attacks, applications of cryptography, access control and security protocols. "Internet" is the widest network in today's world and protecting it from hackers and intruders is the most important step. Students pursue this course to understand and learn the theoretical and the practical concepts of network security. EssayCorp provides network security assignment help on all topics of network security.

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Requirement Of Network Security In Business ?

Network security is very important in any business environment, these days almost all business transaction happen online or some other subsidiary of the internet. It is only destined to grow even further, it expected that by the end of this decade, at least in the developed countries, everything from our lawnmower to toasters will be run by the internet – this technology is called the " internet of things." When that happens security will be paramount, but businesses have to protect themselves from attacks now. They have to protect their assets, by assets we mean the sensitive and confidential information that gives the business an edge over its competitor. Network security helps a business comply with the regulations set by the government. Network security reduces the risk of a security breach of an organisation.

Network security provides a competitive advantage over the competitors, especially in businesses that are involved in internet financial services and e-commerce.

Different types of threats discussed in our network security assignment help
  1. SPYWARE AND ADWARE - Spyware is a hardware or software program on a computer. Spyware sends information outside from the user's computer without their knowledge. Adware is a software that is installed on a computer. It is always installed with other software. It can obtain personal information without the knowledge of the user.
  2. DENIAL OF SERVICE ATTACKS - It is a networking attack that affects the network by flooding the useless traffic. The examples of denial of service attacks are ping of death and teardrop attack.
  3. ZERO DAY ATTACKS - Zero day attacks affect the network before the security vendor issues security protection to them.
  4. HACKERS ATTACK - A hacker steals the important and confidential information or data from a user's computer through unauthorised access and misuses the information.
  5. SPOOFING/PHISHING - It is an act in which emails are delivered to a user's computer and pretends as reputable companies and ask the users to reveal their personal information, for example, password and credit numbers.
  6. VIRUSES AND TROJAN HORSES - Viruses and the Trojan horses are the malicious programs that can damage the computer of the user. They have the feature to spread from one computer to another computer.
  7. DATA THEFT - Data theft is about copying the information illegally of an organisation.
  8. IDENTITY THEFT - In identity theft, the person or criminal gets some information and uses the information for his personal gain.
How Does Network Security Assignment Help You In Understanding Its Working ?

Effective network security is comprised of multiple layers, so that if one fails, at least another can work at its place. Software and hardware are the tools which are used to get the network security. Both are required to get updated timely in order to maintain the high level of protection for data and system because threats appear continuously. Indeed network security consists of many components, but nothing is more important than the software and its updates. There is a list of components by which you can prevent your data or system from attacks.

  • Firewall
  • Antivirus and Anti- Spyware
  • Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
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