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Motivation is the process of inspiring and stimulating people so that they can perform actions to achieve goals. In order to motivate employees in an organization, the manager must offer an effective reward scheme and create a flexible work environment. Managers can inspire their employees by using different motivational strategies that require time and attention. Motivation is the major concept of management which is somewhat interesting and scoring too. But, some students face difficulties in understanding its concepts and topics. Motivation is a kind of topic that contains countless theoretical terms and as a result, it makes the topic more lengthy and extensive. As students have to cover a number of topics in just one assignment, it becomes a tedious situation therefore in which they get often trapped. EssayCorp offers the best motivational strategies to the students in the worldwide dealing with assignment problems.

Importance of motivation
  • High Efficiency: Motivation plays a crucial role in determining the performance level of an individual. A good motivation is very helpful in improving the physical and mental capabilities of the individual. According to a number of surveys, it is shown that motivation helps in increasing the productivity of the company.
  • Better reputation: An organization that provides opportunities for economic progression has a better reputation in the market. Also, employees want to work for a company that has a kind outlook.
  • Helps to change negative behavior: In an organization, employees have a variation in their attitudes. A manager should implement some techniques and strategies to change the negative behavior of the employees. Like, the manager must give remuneration to the employee whose financial condition is weak and in cases where the employee needs to be appreciated the manager must motivate them by praising their work.
  • Reduce Employees Turnover: Managers should motivate their employees in order to establish a friendly relation between employer and employees. Without motivation, employees may not put their best efforts and it leads to many problems such as turnover, disputes, and even employees absenteeism. So, managers must motivate their employees as it is the core of the management.
motivation strategies assignment help
Different ways of motivating employees
  1. Recognition: Managers can use this method to inspire their employees so that they can be more productive in their work. It costs nothing as it is one of the ways of acknowledging their employees and also to keep a track of their achievements.
  2. Coaching: By introducing coaching sessions, managers act as a motivational tool as they confront the employees by talking about opportunities, challenges and possibilities. It is very effective as it requires manager’s own investment of time.
  3. Leadership Opportunities: If the manager is not able to offer appraisal to senior employees, then it is better to give them reward in the form of leadership opportunities. Promoting the best employees to the higher position can also motivate them to a greater extent.
  4. Break from the schedule: Motivation can also be given to the employees by offering them a break from the daily schedule including fun activities in the office itself, casual days, and business events. Managers must implement these types of motivation to the employees that can also help them to learn something new.
Some motivational strategies
  • Employee Input: It is the best motivational strategy that is used to maintain effective communication with the employees. If the employees’ ideas and suggestions are heard or implemented then they take more interest in contributing to success of the company. Moreover, it also gives them a feeling of responsibility towards their organization.
  • Reward: Managers must give incentives to their employees as it is a great way to endorse motivation. Also, managers can use different types of reward programs to boost up the productivity among all the employees of the company. The reward can be in various forms such as bonus, vouchers, travel perks, paid time off, etc.
  • Career Advancement: Managers must motivate their employees by assuring that they will get opportunities to advance in their positions. Further, managers can provide them several opportunities for giving a boost to their qualifications or on the job training.
  • Happiness: Managers must need to look after their employees’ satisfaction with the work. If they are really happy with their jobs then they will be encouraged to do their best. Managers must focus on the methods to improve the financial reputation of their business.
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