Management Accounting Case Study Assignment

A case study is very important for any student pursuing their MBA. It uses the concepts taught in the classroom and implements them on actual business scenarios to study various factors of the business. A case study can be on hundred of topics and almost all the MBA subjects have their own case study. These case studies carry a huge amount of marks in the final assessment of the course. Therefore, a student must put extra effort when it comes to preparing a case study of a company from a particular viewpoint and over a period of time. Management accounting case study can be more taxing on the student because of its financial and mathematical nature.

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Some Management Accounting Case Study Topics:

Of the thousands of topics, some of the topics that our management experts regularly service includes Leisure centre, NPV, sensitivity analysis, CVP, probabilities and target profits, public sector, decision making, Wanstead engineering, internal supplies, Greenwich engineering, shipyard progress, internal supplies, performance measures, public sector, activity analysis, value added, decision-making, international customers, non-financial factors, and customer profitability.

Management Accounting Case Study?

Management accounting is the accounting process made especially for the management. Since, the management is responsible for making decisions that will affect the growth of the company. This is done, so that, they have a better understanding of the company's current financial condition. It helps them improve the decisions they have to make. This type of accounting has a few additions to it. As the management has to make specific decisions about the sales, marketing and other production decisions. While studying management, a student is required to write a case study. The student, in the case study, has to explain the beginning of the company, growth of the company and the a decision that they choose to explain.

mba accounting case study assignment help
mba accounting assignment help
Hindrance In Successfully Completing Management Accounting Case Study

There are several hindrances that the students face while trying to write the case study of management accounting. The major problem lies in the nature of the subject – which is financial and mathematical; both these business subjects are considered to be among the most difficult. Students due to lack of the understanding of the concepts and also due to lack of experience fail to successfully evaluate the financial statement of the company they are writing a case study about. The other problem the students face is with the resources they collect and the viability of the resources.

Content of a Common Case Study Format
  1. Introduction - In this portion the student would provide an introduction to the company. The student will write about the origin of the company, its firsts owners or shareholder and the team that came up with the idea of the company. Further information about how did the initial owners come up with the funds to start a company, the initial days of the company, the number of employees at the beginning of the company, the place where the first factory or office was located, how many units were produced during the first production and other initial information.
  2. Industry Introduction - This portion of the management accounting case study will have information about the industry as a whole. Information about how the industry was first started.The company came later, but the industry must have started before the company's inception.So, the reasons for the industry to start will be researched and mentioned. This portion will also talk about the difficulties the country, locality or society faced before the inception of the industry. This industry was created to satisfy some needs the customers had developed or to create a certain want that would become a need for the society.
  3. Company Background - This portion contains information about what the company stands for. The initiation of the company. How the company started, what importance the company has in the society, what the company had accomplished in the beginning, how many companies like this are in the market and the number of subsidiary companies it has.This information is presented as the background of the company. All the initial changes and achievements are described.
  4. Subsidiaries - This portion of the management accounting case study assignment provides the reader with information about the growth of the company, by providing information about the subsidiary company that the parent company started or subsidiary company that the parent company acquired in the years.The parent company cannot continue all the production in a single factory or in a single company. So, the parent company starts or purchases a company that continues the less important functions. This helps the parent company focus on the more important functions that will increase the company's productivity.Sometimes, a company may start a subsidiary company in another location, where the demand of the product is high. This helps cut the transportation cost, and if the new location has the raw materials available for a cheaper price, it decreases the raw material expenses as well.
  5. Performance Evaluation - The company grows over the years. So, in a case study the student is supposed to give a detailed and well researched description of the changes the company has made and the improvement in performance it has been able to achieve. This can be supported with tables and graphs. The company in the years it runs, makes decisions to improve its performance. These decisions are important and affect the company in a major way, by either increasing the profit or decreasing it. The company marks its performance every year to see if it has improved or not. This is even noted down by others. This performance improvement will be mentioned by a student in the management accounting case study assignment.
  6. Growth - The owners and shareholders of a company want the company to grow. This growth is recorded every year. Some years the growth is less than the expectations and some years the company grows beyond the expectations. All this information is recorded and mention in the case study. This information may be mentioned in a year by year basis, five year basis or in a decade basis. It depends on how long the company has been in the business. Along with mentioning the growth that takes place, the reason for that year's growth is also mentioned with it. It will help provide reference for the growth of the company.
  7. The Decision - This portion picks any one decision that the management makes. This decision can be for a product- the design of it, the improvement in it, the next version or any other decision for the product or a service that the company makes. This decision is important. As this decision marks the change in the course of the company's sale. The sales of the company's product may see a high or may see a fall because of this decision.
  8. The Impact of the Decision - The decision a management makes, impacts the company in a major way. This decision is made by a team of well educated individuals. They after a lot of discussion and referring to the data that they are provided with, reach a decision. Further, this portion will contain information about the impact the decision had. If the company had to face a loss or earned profit. It will be mentioned in this section. The information will be supported with a chart that will carry data about the total sale, increase and decrease as well.
  9. Questions - The case study starts with questions and the student is required to write his/her management accounting case study answers based on the information he/she gathers. The student has to answer the questions individually with reference to what has been mentioned in the case study. The case study with the graphs and charts in it will help the student provide proof for his/her answers.
  10. Conclusion - This final part will carry a summary for everything the student has understood and wants to explain. The student will write a conclusion providing a gist of the whole company. Right from the initial days of the company. This conclusion will describe the walk of the company to the end, where it will talk about the decision the management team made based on the information they were provided with.

Further, if the accounting information is available with the student, it should be mentioned in the case study as well. This accounting information will be for the whole period that is mentioned in the case study.

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