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    History Assignment Help

    Some boring lectures from your history teacher might have changed your perspective towards history as a subject. You might find the word ‘history’ itself boring now. We, at EssayCorp guarantees to make this subject interesting for you again. With our history assignment services, you can be assured to receive economical and 100 % original assignments from our side.

    History and Historiography

    The word history has been derived from a Greek word 'historia' which refers to the information attained through investigation. History, in general means the study and analysis of human past in a particular timeline and various forces that affected the past. It constitutes various elements of past which include civilizations, social practices, culture and economy, wars and international relations to name a few!

    Historiography is a bit typical concept. It basically means study and analysis of historical writings. In this study, students try to understand the history from the point of view of several notable school of historians.

    Different Approaches in Historiography

    Approach of historical happenings by the historians is an important part of study in historiography. Assembly of historical facts with other evidences of history is taken and analyzed in different approaches of historiography.

    Some of the major historiographical approaches include:

    • Marxist Historiography – It is based Marxist philosophy and also referred historical materialistic historiography
    • Prosopography – Use of statistics for studying biographies
    • Historiography of Cold War
    • Historiography of the French Revolution
    • Historiography of the causes of World War 1
    • Historiography of the United States
    • Historiography of Early Islam
    • Historiography of the fall of the Mughal Empire
    • Historiography of China

    Get help on all these historiography approaches through our professional history assignment help service providers at minimal cost.

    Different areas of history

    There are different verticals of history on which specializations can be done during the respective course by students. Some of the areas where historians focus during their studies include:

    • Social history- Social customs, practices and habits of common people from a specific era is studied in this discipline.
    • Political history- Political events like wars, political families, popular political leaders, political controversies, kingship and styles of ruling etc are studied in this vertical.
    • Cultural history- role of cultural experiences in formation of human histories are studied in this field of history. Cultural traditions in this field use history along with anthropology for analysis of an era.
    • Military history- This field mainly focuses on wars, strategies of military and modifications in weapon technology etc.
    • Economic history- Combination of economic theories, statistical methods and history forms the basis of economic history. Standard of living, production forces and division of society on the basis of income etc at several stages of history is studied in this.
    • Religious history- Origin and evolution of different religions from across the globe forms the basis of this study of history. Impact of religion on social and cultural conditions can also be part of this vertical.
    • Art history -Study of different forms of art in different timelines. Its impact on society and vice versa can also come under this specialization.

    For history assignments related fields including political history, cultural history and military history etc, students can take support of our history experts.

    Some other forms of historical studies:

    • Digital history – It utilizes computational methods for studying and analyzing the published sources.
    • Paleography – It refers to study and analysis of ancient texts from different regions of the world.
    • Psychohistory – In this study, psychological motives are analyzed on which various important events have taken place.

    Stages of History:

    History for a long period was segmented into three sections which include ancient period, medieval period and modern history. This segmentation constituted a linear narrative for description of history with description of forces that led that era into forward direction. The history assignment solutions from our company provide online history assignment writing of all the stages.

    Other Characteristics of History Study:

    • As per the experts, major portions of modern history are concentrated on European regions as various famous historians belonged to Europe itself.
    • Various historians challenge the unilinear form of history sections including ancient, medieval and modern history on the basis on various grounds.
    • In post-colonial history, focus is on colonies which were under the colonial rule of Europe. For example, South Asian history describes the rule of British Empire in India. Also, the conditions of Latin American nations after conquest of Portuguese and Spanish conquest are described in Latin American history.

    All the assignments related these different forms of history are covered by our history assignment support services.

    How EssayCorp Can Provide History Assignment Help

    EssayCorp is a renowned name in assignment services in Australia, U.K. and the U.S. We have solutions for multiple types of history assignment, history essay or dissertations based on history subject including the main social science assignment writing help. Our team comprises of myriad of history experts which have PhD in specific history verticals like economic history, political history, post-colonial history, American history and European history etc. The services from our company are totally free of plagiarism with 100 % original content. The experts from the company remain in touch with the students to ensure that their history assignment is prepared as per the satisfaction of the clients.

    So, stop complicating your life by looking at the difficult history assignments and choose this affordable history assignment service to score more in your institution.

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