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History is a branch of social science that studies past events described in the written documents. It is related to the past events as well as the collection, organization, presentation, and the analysis of information about various events. It is an academic discipline that helps to understand the culture, nation, and the world enabling an individual to become a global citizen. Moreover, it also helps the students to analyze the complex evidence, present based evidence, and arguments, etc. It is a vast subject with numerous terminologies and concepts that creates a lot of difficulties for the students to understand it completely.

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Key Concepts in History

Understanding history is quite a challenging task as it requires extensive information and evidence, and historical sources such as images, documents, and arts. Hence, there are several important key concepts of history mentioned below.

  • Change: This is the most crucial among all other historical concepts. As exploring, explaining, evaluating change is necessary to understand the overall concept of historical events.
  • Cause and effect: In every significant historical event or action a change is triggered by at least one cause. On the contrary, every action has effect or consequences. Furthermore, it is also used to evaluate the impact on society done by these actions.
  • Significance: Evaluating historical significance is used to choose down the things that are more important than the others. It is a critical concept as it shapes the study and conclusions related to it.
  • Frameworks: Many historians use frameworks such as political, social, economic and cultural. These frameworks act as organizers that allow the historians to discuss specific groups or sections.
  • Evidence: It is defined as the vital historical knowledge extracted from various sources. For example, some documents might contain evidence about a particular person.
key concepts in History
Different Areas of History By Our History Assignment Help Experts

There are different verticals of history on which specializations can be done during the respective course by students. Some of the areas where historians focus during their studies include:

  1. Social history: It is a popular field of history that represents Social customs, practices, and habits of common people from a specific era, i.e. golden age.
  2. Political history: This field of history is used to analyze events such as wars, political families, popular political leaders, political controversies, kingship, and styles of the ruling, etc.
  3. Cultural history: - This field of history examines and records past events that include human beings through various means such as social, cultural, and political background.
  4. Military History: - This field mainly focuses on wars, strategies of military and modifications in weapon technology etc.
  5. Economic History: -It is the study of past economics that use a combination of economic theories, statistical methods, and historical methods. It also includes the topic such as financial history, business history, and some areas of social history too.
  6. Religious History: - It is the study of history that determines origin and evolution of different religions across the globe.
  7. Art History: -It is the study of different forms of art in different timelines. It includes painting art, sculpture, furniture, and other decorative items too.
Stages of History

Below is the brief explanation of some of the stages of history that our experts cover in the history assignment help.

  • Ancient History: Ancient history refers to the era that begins with the human history and extended as far as the Post Classical history. It explores the civilizations of ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt. For more details on this topic, you can take the help of our adept writers who provide quality service in history assignment help.
  • Post-Classical History: It is also called as the medieval period that begins after the fall of major renowned civilizations. It is the time period, which instantly followed ancient history and headed modern history.
  • Modern History: It is known as the early modern period that begins in the early 16th century, including many historical milestones. Get the best history assignment help by our experts.
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