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In higher academic studies, dissertation writing is the most crucial aspect as it has 30% of weightage in the final year of study. Most of the students are familiar with the concept of assignments and projects, but executing a dissertation is a quite challenging task. Due to the lack of understanding and knowledge, a lot of students fail to grasp the concept and it results in their poor performance in the examination. Moreover, high use of complex structure and the specific pattern in dissertation writing usually confuses the student's mind, which affects their academic grades.

Students are unaware of the concept of writing a proper dissertation and hence need assistance in writing it professionally. Don't worry, as EssayCorp offers the reliable assistance to the students according to their writing requirements. Our team makes sure that content is gone through all grammatical checks and proofreading by the experts. We have a group of professional writers that offer the writing assistance to all the students, be it a dissertation, essay, assignment, project, term paper, etc. These professional experts are research scholars with diverse knowledge about all the aspects of writing services. Our goal is to assist students so that they can get a proper awareness and understanding of the dissertation writing to achieve better grades than ever.

Introduction to dissertation

A dissertation is a final year project and a form of assessment, which is very different from any other assessments that a university requires from the students in an academic year. In a dissertation, the responsibility for learning lies with the students and they have to pen down their research on a particular subject and also discuss the conclusion of the concerned topic. There are two types of dissertations.

  • Empirical Dissertation: It is defined as a collection of the data. It usually represents the factual information such as volunteers in a police service, and a patient's view at a GP's surgery etc.
  • Non-Empirical Dissertation: It mainly emphasizes on major theories, for example, some work in the philosophy of education.
  • Narrative Dissertation: This type of dissertation helps in carrying out and analyzing a complex environment. Get the best dissertation writing service from our experts.
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Essential elements of a dissertation
  1. Title: The title should be written in a precise and meaningful manner so that it can create a good formal impression on the reader.
  2. Introduction: The introduction narrates the rationale for the dissertation. It must contain a clear statement of the research question and its aim related to it.
  3. Aims and objectives: The aim of the dissertation proposal should be required at several points in the dissertation such as introduction or research proposal.
  4. Methodology: It is a key aspect of a dissertation work that shows the ways to carry out research and various data collecting techniques used in it.
  5. Literature review: A literature review analyze scholarly, articles, dissertations and several other resources that are relevant to a particular theory, area of research, and context, etc.
  6. Resources: Resources can be defined as the references that must be listed to complete research work within due deadline.
  7. Outline of sections: Students need to outline all the sections or chapters that are going to be written while completing the dissertation. It helps to make an overall idea about the dissertation paper.
  8. Time Management: Students should outline their plan within a specific time as it is not possible to create a precise timeline for the paper.
  9. References: The list of references at the end of the dissertation is a proof of hard work and depth of the research work of the student.
Features of dissertation

A dissertation is a different form of assessment that is different from the other module assessments. It is usually given to the students to identify their area of interest so that they can experience the process of producing knowledge. Here are some features of dissertation:

  • A dissertation is based on critical thinking rather than experimental data on an extensive reading and research.
  • A dissertation is based on analysis and the concepts on that subject that demonstrate intellectual independence.
  • A dissertation explains the learning experience of the student in the process of acquiring the knowledge by exempting the literature facts.
  • A dissertation is a formal and error free document that presents the result of the research in a clear written form. Avail the best dissertation writing services by our experts.
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A dissertation must be written in a specific pattern and grammatically correct. But, a large number of students fail to adopt the writing strategy and it creates difficulties for them to execute it. This complicates the student's mind and it results in their deprived academic grades. Therefore, if you want to hold a perfect grip on dissertation writing, then just click EssayCorp and get the best assistance than ever. With the help of our experts, students can get the perfect solution for all their problems, especially with the dissertation. Our professionals also hold years of experience in the related field and have a lot of writing skills that help in getting your assignment done before the deadline. Furthermore, our experts also provide quality content with good research on the assigned topic. They are available around the clock for all your problems and make sure that your queries are fixed. So, get it touch with us today and avail the best dissertation writing service by our experts.

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