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    Dissertation Research Proposal Online

    Actually to some level, it is indeed a complicated process. Dissertation is a formal written document to be submitted to respective institution or research center in order to achieve the PhD degree or other higher degrees (master’s, bachelor’s or M.Phil etc) . In various nations, even for achieving degrees in medicine, management or law, students needs to submit this formal document for the completion of their respective course.

    Writing a dissertation is not a single step process. Rather, it is a complex procedure that requires its preparation in multiple stages. Dissertation proposal writing is one such step which is quite critical for PhD students. Often students consider this as one of the most troublesome step during their research.

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    Dissertation Proposal:

    The dissertation is quite lengthy document with inclusion of all research results, methodology and data during the process of research. It is a concise form of formal document written by summarizing the actual dissertation. Students and researchers are supposed to submit dissertation proposal much before the actual submission of dissertation.

    This gives the committee an idea of what your research is based on along with methods used for the research.

    Rules of Dissertation in Various Major Nations:

    Every nation follows its own set of rules and instructions related to dissertation and dissertation research proposals to be followed in order to achieve respective degrees.

    Rules in the United States:

    • Judging of dissertation is done to check if it contributes for scholarship or not.
    • Dissertations are essential for students to achieve the graduate and undergraduate degrees respectively.
    • Dissertation proposals are supposed to be passed in the early stage of course as the final dissertation is quite lengthy process.
    • Various universities also have their unique format for final dissertation.

    Rules in Australia:

    • Normally, there are examiners for examining the dissertation proposal. University of New South Wales and Australian Catholic University allows only two examiners for dissertation proposal.
    • One examiner out of three is from student’s department while other two are external examiners.
    • Research begins after the proposal is approved by the examiners.
    • Researcher / student’s supervisor must approve the dissertation before it is resubmitted to the examiners.

    Rules in United Kingdom:

    • A ‘thesis’ has to be submitted by the engineering and PhD students whereas the ‘dissertations’ have to be submitted for undergraduate and Master’s degree.
    • Supervisory team approves the dissertation proposal submitted by the student / researcher.
    • Supervisory team consists of either single or more than supervisors which can be internal or external or a combination of both.

    Elements of Writing Proposal of Dissertation

    Following parts associated with dissertation must be includes in all forms of dissertation proposal.

    1. Professional and Personal information

    All the dissertation proposals begin with inclusion of professional and personal details which include:

    • Title of the thesis/dissertation
    • Candidate's full name
    • Institutional affiliation
    • Supervisor’s full name
    • Expected dissertation submission date

    These are essential details which are needed by the graduate committee before the actual beginning of the dissertation proposal.

    2. Introduction

    Topic with basic details related to the dissertation is proposed in the introduction section of the proposal. There should not be any irrelevant information in this section and overall the segment should be concise and to the point.

    3. Research Question

    The question which is central to the purpose of your research is referred to as research question. It is supposed to be added in the proposal to allow examiners and supervisors to understand the objectives of the research. The question must be straightforward and should be free of any doubts.

    4. Research Methodology

    The procedure to be adopted during the course of the research work by students/researchers is referred as research methodology.

    Several forms of methodology include:

    • Generating a pattern from questionnaires and surveys conducted on a group of people. These patterns are utilized to support the results and discussions.
    • Applying suitable theories after analysis on real situations to generate responses suitable for the research.
    • Examination of historical documents in order to generate information for the research.
    • Interviews which are conducted to study the psychology of the interviewees.

    5. Chapters:

    Chapters are the major part and backbone of any dissertation proposal. Findings of the research are presented in organized manner in this portion of the proposal. Though there is no set limit for constructing this part of the proposal, but minimum number of chapters should be at least five for a good quality proposal.

    6. Conclusion:

    It another major portion of the proposal in which the important arguments are presented in a strong manner. The conclusion part should also be to the point and concise and must be with the scope of the research. Avoid filling too much of information which is already used in other sections of the proposal.

    7. Citations and References

    The reference and citation are inevitable part of any dissertation. Different universities have different formats for references which include:

    • Chicago style – In this style, footnotes and endnotes are utilized for writing references.
    • Modern Language Association (MLA) style – In this format, within the text, the page number and author’s name are provided.
    • American Psychological Association (APA) style – Author’s name and publication date are provided in this style within the main text.
    • Harvard style – In this style, in-text citations are used in the text.

    8. Proposed bibliography

    This segment comprises the list of all the books presented in the final part of proposal. A bibliography is presented in a tabular style with author of the books. The list represents all the books which are going to be utilized by the researcher/students during the course of research. It is advised to mention only those one which will be actually used in research as there will be multiple questions by examiners based on the list of the books.

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