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Corporate finance is an important field in finance that concentrates on the financial activity of a corporation or a company. It usually has a division or branch of its own in a company that looks after all the financial activity. The corporate finance main objective is to increase the wealth of the shareholder. It is also involved in determining the sources of capital, capital investment and investment decision.

Like all other subjects, corporate finance too has many assignments that the students need to complete under a specified duration. Sometimes the students fail in the task and are unable to present an assignment on time. In such a situation we come in with the corporate finance assignment help at a very reasonable price.

corporate finance assignment help

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Major Financial Statements & Corporate Finance Assignment Help

Using financial accounting statements, companies can take investment related decisions and analyse the financial performance. Some major financial accounting statements covered by our corporate finance assignment help experts include:

  • Balance Sheet - It is a statement in which liabilities, assets, and the capital of a firm are represented for a specified period of time.
  • Statement of Income - By deducting the expenses from the revenues, net profit can be analysed for a particular financial period. This analysis is done through the statement of income
  • Cash Flow Statement - During a particular financial period, outflow and inflow of cash in a firm can be represented using the cash flow statement.
  • Statement of retained earnings – This statement is the least used financial statement of all the statements, it presents the change in the equity position of a firm for a given period of time. It is generally prepared as a part of the auditing package.

Difficulty Faced By Students In Corporate Finance Assignment

Improper knowledge associated with the concepts of corporate finance along with lack of exposure related to the jargons used in finance results in poor quality of final assignment prepared by the students. Also, students find difficulty in the calculation part of the financial statements. So, they can take the support of our services to improve their grades.
Assignments in corporate finance weigh a huge portion of your final assessment. Therefore, it is paramount that you make sure that your assignment is up to the standard and it receives the best grade possible. Because failing to secure a good grade in your assignment could ultimately get you to flunk in your current academic pursuit.
We at EssayCorp are the pioneers in this industry, we have been providing corporate finance assignment help, corporate finance homework help, thesis and dissertation help, essays, etc. for many years now at a price that is enticing and that is easy on your budget.

difficulty faced by students in corporate finance assignment

Topics Covered by EssayCorp In Corporate Finance Assignment Help

Some of the topics associated with corporate finance in which EssayCorp have helped students include:

  1. Calculation of bond prices – Bonds are a contract between the issuer and the buyer, where the issuer promises to pay off a certain debt with interest, after a period of time. The main factors considered while calculating a bond are per value, coupon rate, accrued interest, issuer’s credit rating, and the current interest rates.
  2. DuPont analysis – It is a performance analysis method that was introduced by the Dupont corporation in the 1920, the mathematical representation for this analysis can be put as;
    Return on equity= profit margin*asset turnover ratio*equity multiplier. For all your finance related problems, you can seek the assistance of our experts under our service corporate finance assignment help.
  3. Financial planning model – The process of creating a future financial plan for a company is called a financial planning model.
  4. Cash flow analysis – The cash flow statement is an important tool in the cash flow analysis, it provides information on cash flow from operations, cash flow from investing, and cash flow from financing.
  5. Risk management – It is very important for any business to identify a risk in advance and manage it. Insurance is a risk management tool in finance. Our corporate finance assignment help experts provide a detailed paper on the process of risk management.
  6. Investment banking – It is a type of banking that help generate capital for other companies, organisations, government, etc.
  7. Capital budgeting related to the equivalent annuity method – In this method of capital budgeting, the constant cash flow for a given year is calculated against the entire duration of the project, assuming it an annuity.
  8. Accounting rate of return – The mathematical formula for accounting rate of return is;
    ARR= Average Profit/ Average Investment
  9. Financial accounting statements – The financial statements are paramount for a business as they present the true financial position of the company. They enable the company to make decisions. The four financial statements are; balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in owner’s equity, and cash flow statement.
  10. Working capital management – The main purpose of this is to make sure that the business has enough operating capital for its short-term and long-term ambitions. In our corporate finance assignment help, we cover all the crucial financial topics. These were just an illustration of the type of topics we service.
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