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     C++ Assignment Help 

    Followed by other programming languages, C++ also comes out as the robust programming language. It is accounted in the stream of I.T. and C.S. Number of projects are running on the same platform in today’s time. This language is being taught in most of the schools and universities. It is true that some of the students find it quite difficult and some of them find it easy. For those who really find it strenuous subject, can receive the best assignment help with us. Not only in C++ assignments, but also in long and arduous C++ projects.

    Introduction about C++

    C++ is designed by Bjarne Stroustrup and it is an object aligned programming language; it is a modified form of C language. It can be coded to "C style" and hence it can be called as a good example of a Hybrid. In certain scenarios, it can be coded in either way and is thus an effective example of a hybrid language. As it captures both high and low level language characteristics, thus it is called as an intermediary level language.

    It is mainly operated with system/application software, drivers, client-server applications and embedded firmware and hence it is one of the most popular languages. C++ consists of several operatives such as bit manipulation, comparison, logical operators, arithmetic, etc. The various concepts related to C++ programming are namespaces and pointers, polymorphism, templates, virtual and friend functions. C++ language came into existence in the 1970's, it the very beginning it was used to write Unix Programs, but currently its used to write applications.

    Basic Structure of C++ program

    C++ programs follow a predefined structure. It is divided into different sections, and each section has its own value and property which is important to know. The easiest way to understand the basic structure of C++ program is by writing a program. The basic C++ program is as follows.

    //My first program in C++

       int main ( )
      Std::cout << “Hello World”;

    • Comment Section - //My first program in C++
    • Preprocessor Statement - #include
    • The “main” function - int main ( )
    • C++ Statement - Std::cout << “Hello World”;

    So, just make sure you have mentioned these:

    • Documentations
    • Preprocessor statements
    • Global Declarations
    • The main function
      • Local Declarations
      • Program Statements
    • User - Defined Functions

    Features of C++ programming

    • C++ is an extended version of C language. It supports all the features of C.
    • It allows the programmers to manage directly in order to develop efficient programs.
    • It is based on Oops (Object Oriented Programming) paradigm that facilitates effective functionality, design, reuse and maintenance of complex software.
    • C++ program also acts as a template. A programmer can apply the same algorithm to different data types.
    • It lets greater re-usability of code in a more rational and creative method.
    • As it is a machine independent language, so it can be compiled in any type of computer and operating system without doing any modifications.
    • It has a huge function library
    • It is a versatile language.

    Strengths and Drawbacks of C++

    C++ is a language that is not only versatile, but also robust. Besides writing operating systems, it is widely used in games and animation. Though it is a complex and difficult language, but its usage is quite wide. It is platform portable, irrespective of hardware. A pitfall of this language is that, it is not meant for dummies like to effectively use this platform and its library, you need to understand the fundamentals, eg: oops concepts, pointers, overloading, inheritance and polymorphism, abstraction, Data Binding and all. Secondly, its compiler does not issue error notification for various programming mistakes like array index out of range, using an uninitialized variables, etc. All in all, you may accumulate as a powerful language with certain pitfalls.

    Application of C++

    Using C++ a programmer can develop system software like OS, Device Drivers, Network(N/W) protocols, PC – utilities. In addition to that Application software you can develop application like

    • Database
    • Word processing
    • Spreadsheet
    • C++ is a general purpose programming language better than ‘c’
    • General purpose means it is suitable for developed any type of software.
    • CUI means character user interface

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    C++ assignments are very complicated and to prepare them you need to have expertise in C++ programming. Essaycorp has a team of experts in C++ programming language. They are capable of providing C++ programming theoretical as well as practical explanation. We have been providing help for C++ assignments & projects for last many years, and this is the reason why our students get A1 grades in results. However, we aim at providing solutions which will help not only in getting good grades but also in increasing your knowledge related to this language.

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    • Computer Graphics based research & softwares.

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