Why I Didn’t Do My Homework: Top 7 Excuses?

Why I Didn’t Do My Homework: Top 7 Excuses?

Many students believe that doing homework is the worst part of their academic life. Most students try to run away from homework as they find it tedious and time-consuming. Students try to dodge homework as much as possible. There are many reasons why they hate homework, but they need to submit it sooner or later. They cannot escape homework completely. Many students make silly and clever excuses to get away without penalty or a harsh scold from their teacher. We do agree with the thought that homework is stressful. So what occurs when a student forgets to complete their assignment or does not want to do it all? You must be ready with a strong excuse or story to defend yourself for not doing homework.

Without Further Ado, Look At Impressive Excuses For Not Doing homework.

7 Convincing Excuses to Get Out of Doing Homework

Accuse Technology – Blaming technology for not doing homework is the simplest and the most convincing excuse to justify your situation. In this global world, most students are assigned to do their homework online or in print format. You can play the blame game here if you fall into this category. One can make an excuse like “my computer or laptop crashed,” and many other technical issues can also be blamed. The teacher usually understands this scenario and might give you an extension to submit homework. In this case, you must be prepared to do your homework and submit it positively on the assigned extension date.

I did My Homework But Forgot to Bring it – Pretend you forgot to bring your homework. It is considered the most cliché excuse among the students and works well. A student can explain to their teacher that she has completed the work but skip putting the notebook in her bag. You can also give them another excuse: you left your homework notebook on the study table at home. This excuse can surely help you justify your scene. But always remember to show the homework the next day so your teacher can trust you next time. This excuse can also turn the background if your teacher asks you to go home and bring it along. So be clever in using this reason.


Just Say You Were Not Present That Day – A class has many students, and the teacher hardly remembers who was present or absent on a particular day. One can say they missed that special day when the homework was assigned. This trick can work, but not always, as your teacher can question you back. So make a solid reason and ask your teacher for an extension, as you cannot escape homework. Your explanation should be appealing enough that your teacher finally agrees to your excuse and leave you for not doing homework.

Disturbance From The Neighborhood – There was much trouble in the neighborhood, and you could not concentrate. This trick can be for when you miss your homework for any reason. You can blame the high pitch sound from a party nearby that you got highly distracted and could not focus on the assignment writing task. However, this trick might not work for you every time. You are required to express your distraction carefully.

Being Stuck in Extra-Curricular Activities is among the best excuses for not doing homework. An understanding teacher can apprehend your situation and allow you an extension. Most students said they were busy practicing for basketball or other sports tournaments. Simply saying and apologizing that you were stuck finishing the extra-curricular activities can save you. This is considered an out-of-the-box excuse to give your teacher for missing homework.


Difficulty in Understanding The Topic is among the best excuses for strict teachers. But to give this excuse, you must prepare a little in advance. Students should show they tried to attempt the homework but had difficulty understanding it. This formula could work for you only if you tried a small portion of your assignment. At least you can show that you tried to do your assigned homework, but the difficulty of the topic stopped your mind.


Not Feeling Well – Everyone knows that infections do not come with invitations. When everything fails, make the old-school excuse that you were not well. You may say that you had a cold, fever, or headache. In most cases, teachers consider this excuse as it is normal for students to fall sick with the common cold and viral. But make sure not to overuse this particular excuse again and again.

The excuses mentioned above can work well in certain situations. Still, the student should avoid giving silly reasons for not completing the homework and assignments. They Never try to give stupid excuses like the dog ate my homework, or little sibling is torn notebook, etc., as these excuses can spoil your image in front of teachers. Teachers are competent and can observe if you are lying or telling the truth. Before giving any justification, it is better to analyze the nature of your teacher. However, we know we cannot make excuses and reasons every single time. A student can be caught if they overdo such excuses. We understand that sometimes it is OK to give excuses for missing homework, but not always. Escaping homework time and again does not fit the scene as well. Even the students can state the truth to their teachers and promise to complete the homework as soon as possible.

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