What Is Communication Necessity In Life

What Is Communication Necessity In Life

What is Communication All About?

Communication is the medium of sending and receiving views and thoughts between two or more people. It is one of the essential parts of our lives. Not communicating is a deficiency that shells a person into isolation. Communication lets us express ourselves, expressing our views or opinions on a subject, any information, instruction, or any feeling or idea. When we communicate with someone, we let them get a glimpse of our personality. Hence, it can make both good and bad impacts on others.

What are the Different Types of Communication?

There are different ways and different meanings of communication

  • Verbal- Verbal communication is the primary form of communication. It is communication where we use words to express ourselves. Verbal communication can occur during various situations like face-to-face conversations, televisions, radios, and telephones, in classrooms during lectures or in any scenario where we use our speech.
  • Written communication - is where we convey and receive information in a written form. There are various means of written communication, including letters, newspapers, emails, text messages, messages through various mobile applications etc. Written communication has become the most popular form of communication in what is commonly known as the information age.
  • Expression and body language- Body language is also vital in communication. Body language and words can convey our thoughts and decisions to other people. This communication medium is often used when communicating with a stranger. For example- we can tell if a person is interested in a conversation through his body language and expressions. Likewise, we can tell whether our presentation impressed a professor through his gestures and expressions. We can even guess how a person will behave or talk through his body language and words. A type of communication that also takes place when a father puts a protective hand on the shoulder of his daughter when she has to go into an exam hall or when a sister puts her hand on her sister’s when she is awaiting her results, or a young person gives up their seat to an elderly on public transport. These are the silent gestures that communicate respect, support and encouragement. And these silent little gestures are something that conveys humanity.
Types Of Communication

Barriers to Communication:

Communication has barriers preventing the sender from connecting to the receiver and vice versa.

  • Cultural differences- This is the most common barrier in communication. When people from different cultural backgrounds communicate, they often find it challenging to understand each other’s accents and ways of forming words and sentences. They fail to convey their emotions and feelings through translation. Sometimes, translation even spoils the real meaning of the sentence or fails to get the exact expression of it.    
  • Emotional differences- Sometimes, people going through a situation – happy, sad or worse, fail to communicate their real feelings through words to an outsider. They lack the precise words to make the other person understand their agony or ecstasy. Similarly, a person not going through those situations finds it difficult to console or sympathize through words.
  • Physical absence- Today though we have the best possible technology for communication, physical absence still has its disadvantages. The reader does not always understand the hidden meaning and emotion in a message sent to him. In the case of letters, the reader depends solely on the words. They seldom get to understand the real motive behind the news. So, the physical absence makes a conversation inadequate.
  • Technical interruption- In today’s generation, technology has much to do with communication. We often find problems in our mobile or telephone networks that leave our conversations incomplete.


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    Various Barriers To Communication

Why is Communication Necessary?

To understand or define the communication concept, it is essential to know its fundamentality.

Communication necessity is an essential part of human life. Communication has a lot to do with our regular well-being. If we do not communicate what is bothering us or what should be done to improve situations in workplaces or at home, our life becomes difficult. We must vent whatever we go through to somebody close to us. Communication is vital in our everyday activities, be it with our colleagues, family members, or even the shopkeeper we visit. Letting people know your ideas and opinions is crucial to living. Lack of communication in someone’s life can cause many diseases. Know more about Communication assignment examples.

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Necessity Of Communication


To live a happier life, one must communicate. It can be through love, anger, fear or any other emotion. Whatever we feel, we must not confine them within ourselves. A well-communicated conversation using precise body language, expressions, and words, can do wonders. The way we speak with others is what they perceive about us. So, working on our communication skills not only makes our everyday life easier but makes a positive impact on our character as well.